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Morning Mound Visit: Some MLB owners don’t even want a season

Further proof ownership doesn’t care about the game; MLB is at the point of no return; an analysis of Pride Nights

Pride Flag At Fenway Park Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

R.J. Anderson | CBS Sports: It has been reported by Andy Martino, Ken Rosenthal, and Evan Drellich that at least six owners don’t want a season. That’s hardly shocking considering ownership’s antipathy toward the game, but it could prevent Rob Manfred from imposing even a 50-game season. The commissioner needs 75 percent approval rating from teams to implement a season.

Michael Baumann | The Ringer: Warnings that baseball is dying are usually silly, but we aren’t wringing our hands over declining World Series ratings. MLB ownership has for months negotiated in bad faith to the detriment of the league. With the possibility of a canceled season heading into a tumultuous CBA renewal, MLB is facing the point of no return.

Patti Rodgers | Baseball Prospectus: Over the last 20 years, Pride Nights at baseball games have gone from controversial and rare to commonplace. Teams instead get called out for not hosting one. This isn’t just good for making baseball a more inclusive sport, it’s also good for business. Patti Rodgers analyzes fan responses to MLB-hosted Pride events at and brought the research to Baseball Prospectus.