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Morning Mound Visit: Robinson Canó tests positive for PED, suspended for 2021 season

Canó’s Hall of Fame chances shot; five-player infields; picking the Cubs roster clean

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Atlanta Braves v New York Mets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Ken Rosenthal | The Athletic $: Robinson Canó was suspended for 162-games after testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. Worse than that, Ken Rosenthal argues that Canó’s chances of earning induction into the Hall of Fame some day are basically gone.

Russell Carleton | Baseball Prospectus $: Playing a fifth infielder is usually a tactic reserved for bases-loaded, bottom of the ninth/extra innings situations, but like the four-player outfield, five-player infields have their uses outside of desperation. But thinking in reverse, are two-player outfields that much worse than three-player infields?

Brandon Day | Bless You Boys: It might be premature to assume that Theo Epstein’s departure from Chicago means that the Cubs are going into a total teardown, but for fans of other teams, it’s still fun to think about harvesting the roster for their good, fun players. The Tigers, in particular, could be helped by adding someone like Javy Báez or Willson Contreras.