New Podcast: The Four-Man Rotation!

Hey there, friends of the site! With the retirement of the site's podcast The Shift, I wanted to provide you with another option for your listening pleasure. A group of baseball writers you may be interested have launched The Four-Man Rotation, a fun, energetic look at all topics baseball that posts once or twice a week.

The team consists of Matthew Kory (FanGraphs, Vice Sports, Baseball Prospectus), Bryan Joiner (Over The Monster, Baseball Prospectus - Boston), Craig Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus, Vice Sports, Twitter), and myself (Beyond the Box Score, Baseball Prospectus, BP - Boston).

The pilot episode of the show is up on Soundcloud, and should be available on iTunes shortly. Check it out if you're interested in baseball, analytics, and non-sequiturs. Here's our description of the show:

The inaugural episode of The Four-Man Rotation features Bryan, Bryan, Matt, and Craig introducing the show and talking about a few of their favorite moves of the offseason. After a brief detour into tiny second basemen (and tiny houses), the guys discuss 2016's best four-man rotations, as well as a couple of MLBs worst sets of starting pitchers.