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Beyond the Box Score United Cover Art Gallery

Style without substance is still style!

Since SB Nation completely re-designed the entire network under the United banner, I've been utterly inspired by the forward-thinking adaptive layouts that look like nothing less than the future of newspaper/magazine media. Hell, if I wasn't so fucking pretentious I might the internet has arrived. But I am pretentious and it arrived years ago -- it's just that this looks finally like the perfect storm of device-independent, no-app-needed solution to everything I've wanted the internet to be. BIG. BOLD. BEAUTIFUL.

Yes, I'm fully imbibed in Vox Media culture at this point, but I'm serious. Look around you, look at your phones ever-growing in capability, look at your computers and screens, ever-shrinking in form, and look to the vast array of tablets and everything in between that allows us to consume our favorite demographically-selected, target-marketed, sometimes overly-segmented media. We're here.

Obviously this doesn't change the bottom line: content is still king. All the adaptive magazine style layouts with big bold slab serif fonts (a personal favorite of mine lately, but I'm not afraid to follow the crowd) won't disguise shitty, barren sites with hollow content that give you nothing, asks nothing of you, and doesn't serve to enrich your current understanding of anything.

But still. If you don't know me already, know this: presentation is important to me, and I do think style matters. We have some of the best content on the planet right here at Beyond the Box Score, and I'll do everything I can to make it stand out.

This is all a long-winded way of saying, "whoa dude, we're gonna need more than photos to set our content apart from the crowd." This is a gallery of some of the latest cover art we've used for recent articles. Enjoy.