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The Baltimore Orioles' post-season history is somewhat sparse (CHART)


Click the above chart to see something slightly bigger, if only more unimpressive.

As a Kansas City Royals fan, it brings me little* joy to know there are other teams that have had little more post-season success than the the Royals have over their relatively short history. But if there's one team that I'd be happy to root for, assuming I moved there, or the Royals moved away, or Dayton Moore got rid of Billy Butler and Alex Gordon at the same time while promising yet another 5-year plan, the team I would pick might be the Orioles. I say might because the Cubs and Astros still exist and my sister is a Cards fan and ... angst.

*a lot of

So let's pretend I'm picking the Orioles. What would I find in my new team's post-season history? Luckily for new fans, it's not much to memorize. There's one appearance in 1944 when they were still the St. Louis Browns where they lost the World Series to St. Louis Cardinals. I'd leave town too.

Then there's the glory years, 1966-1974, during which the Orioles (finally moved to Baltimore) won two World Series titles, lost two, and appeared in two more American League Championship Series, both of which they lost. If only every team had an 8-year stretch like that!

The Orioles made it back to the WS in '79, losing to the Pirates, but they finally won again in 1983 over the Phillies. And then there were the Cal Ripken, Jr. years.

That brings us to today, where the Orioles enter their ALDS game three, tied one game apiece against the Yankees. I know who I want to see win.

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P.S. Since this is something of a history thread, I'd love to hear your favorite Orioles' memory, if you're old enough to have any.