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"Ball On A Budget" Fantasy League - Draft Prep and Rule Discussion

All right, we have 41 people interested so far in the league, so we can go ahead begin getting ready.  Right now there are enough people for 3 leagues with 5 alternates.  Last year with 2 leagues we lost 5 people before draft day, so we may need even more alternates.  Let me know if you are interested.  Each person will be required to track their own team stats at Fangrpahs.  Also, we will require about an hours worth of work from each person to help setup.  People will be required to do one of the following:

  1. Get the names, position eligibility  (20 games in minors or majors last year or last year played if out for season) and salary amount (Cots Contracts) for a team.  I have created a template spreadsheet for people to download so all the data is in the same format.   If you have any questions please ask in the comments.  I am sure there will be plenty on the contracts.  Once done, email me the spreadsheet and I will put the final one together.  (30 volunteers)
  2. Help run the draft and write up a monthly piece on the standings.  I found a Google spreadsheet works best for updates.  The piece can be written as a Fan Post and BtB with set it as a Feature post. (6 volenteers)
Rule discussion after jump

Here are some rule changes that people mentioned.  

  1. Decrease time between picks -- 4 hours was too much last year, so I moved it to 2 hours.  I would like to have it once someone hits the limit 3 times, the person after the person being skipped picks.  The skipped person makes up pick.
  2. Use couch manager for the draft.  The main issue would we be able to go back and change a pick if it was made incorrectly (not enough money, positions not filled, etc).
  3. Compensate people that draft later in the draft, vice earlier.  I feel the snake compensates fine for this, but what does everyone else feel.
  4. Trading players.  If we do this there needs to be a veto vote (6 no votes) and the team's roster positions must be kept intact. 
Here is a list of the people to be in the leagues and I will add team or manager as soon as they are picked.  Please pick and team or be a manager by Feb. 10th.  Then I will set the leagues, draft list and we can begin drafting when spring training starts.  

Jeff Zimmerman Manager
Sky Kalkman
Harry Pavlidis (maybe)
DempseysArmy Orioles
SFiercex4 - Marlins
vandystu Braves
Sky Kalkman
Satchel Price - Cubs
Tommy Bennett
RedRobot8 - Mets
Steve Slowinski - Rays
Zach Sanders
Daniel Berlyn - White Sox
Dan Turkenkopf
Sam Page
Blicks - A;s
gearshift Reds
philkid3 - Rangers

Steven Ellingson