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BtB's "Ball On A Budget" Fantasy League - 2010 Edition

It's back.  The 2010 BtB "Ball on a Budget" Fantasy League.  The rules are simple and based off a draft that ESPN did last year.

  • 12 team snake draft
  • $60MM budget using actual MLB salaries
  • 25-man roster, no subs, no transactions
  • The only scoring category is WAR, as determined by Fangraphs.
The rules are still up for discussion as some people had some issues from last season.  I am inclined to lower the budget to $50 million, but I will see what other say.

We will be looking to fill as many leagues as we can and are seeing if any outside people are available.

We'll start filling leagues on the first week of February and this year we are going to need a little help from the participants.  

Depending on the number of leagues/people involved, we will require each person to do the 2010 salary and position eligibility for 1 to 3 teams.   There was too much debate on salaries during the draft, so we would like for them to be set before drafting starts.  If a salary changes, the predraft list will be used.

Once we have the salary information, we will begin starting the drafts.  I would like to start close to spring training as possible.

The rules are simple, hopefully, so read on for details:

Complete rules:

  • 25-man rosters consisting of 13 offensive players (2 CA, 1B, 3B, 1B/3B, 2B, SS, 2B/SS, 4 OF, and a UT), six starters, and six relievers.  LF/CF/RF are NOT separate positions.
  • To qualify at a position, a player must have played it in at least 20 games in 2009, either in the majors or minors.
  • PA limit of 6250 and IP limits of 1450 for pitchers (average team numbers for 2009 rounded to closest 50).  If any group exceeds those totals, the WAR for that group will be prorated down to the playing-time limit.  This is key.  You will likely fill out your team with cheap scrubs without a ton of playing time, concentrating money on the starting lineup.
  • You have two hours to make a pick or else the next person can (and should) jump in.  You may then make up your missed pick at any time.  The hours between 9pm and 9am EST don't count towards the four-hour window (non-EST folks will likely sleep through part of the morning, but can stay more on top of things at night.)
  • Salaries as listed by Cot's -- make sure to add in any signing bonus money.
  • For arbitration players, we're using the midpoint of the two offers, unless there's a settlement by the time of the first pick.
  • Unsigned free agents as of the first pick are ineligible to be drafted.
  • After the draft, we'll be entering the teams in over at Fangraphs so WAR can be tracked throughout the season.  I'll likely ask for updates periodically (monthly) in an EditGrid spreadsheet.
  • Anything that these rules don't cover will be decided on by the secret Rules Committee.