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Wednesday Link Roundup

Several things worth reading:

  • At THT today, I looked at Ben Sheets's awesomeness. In terms of racking up strikeouts and preventing walks, he has few peers. And those peers are about as good a group of comps as you could ask for.

  • At Unfiltered, Marc Normandin takes another look at Julio Lugo, specifically ground balls and infield hits.

  • It's rare that I'm linking to an MSM article, but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette considers the Pirates starting lineup, and wisely suggests getting Jack Wilson as far away from the top as possible.

  • Perhaps everybody knew this but me, but I just discovered yesterday that the Lahman database is updated for 2006. Very exciting.

  • Along the same lines, a bleg: Retrosheet has the data for postseason games, but don't currently have the event files available on their site. It looks like they were available at some point in the past, though. Does anyone have them? Would you be willing to send them to me? If so, send me an e-mail. I would really appreciate it.