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Your Monday Reading

Here's your daily reading for Martin Luther King Day of 2007:

  • Our own John Beamer writes at The Hardball Times about whether or not the Rocket's late return to Houston cost them a playoff spot, and helped deliver St. Louis their championship. The answer may surprise you.
  • Keith Law explains why general managers make desperation moves, and gives some examples over at
  • In this notebook, there's word that the Red Sox are still in on Clemens, even with all the money they've committed elsewhere this offseason. Also, there's a note on the ongoing J.D. Drew contract negotiations:
    The Sox are seeking to amend the language of the deal in order to provide protection in the event that Drew's surgically repaired right shoulder breaks down and leads to extended time lost. Boras insists that his client is healthy and that the shoulder shouldn't be an issue.
  • Jeff Weaver's still available as a free agent, and St. Louis seems to be looking to re-sign him, for whatever reason. If anyone pays out the 4 years, $40 million or so he's looking for, they deserve what they are going to get.
  • Richard Hidalgo is back with Houston, for his third tour of duty in Texas.
By the way, PECOTA's are coming. I might have the preview spreadsheet in my mailbox right now :-)