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Dennis Dove Profile

If you're looking for a deep sleeper, here's your Rip Van Winkle. Let start off with point, counterpoint.

Point for- He pitched exceptionally well in the Florida State League after being moved to the bullpen. He struck out more than a batter per inning and didn't give up walks or home runs.

Point against- He should have done well in a HiA league. He was 24 years old.

Another Point Against- He only has one pitch worth talking about.

For- If you were to pick one pitch and have it as your only weapon, a mid/high 90's fastball would be a pretty good choice.

The Cardinals think enough of Dove that they added him to the 40 man roster in the offseason. It was probably a good choice since guys with his stuff tends to be attractive to teams looking for cheap relief help with upside in the Rule 5 Draft.

I don't put a lot of weight in his Arizona Fall League performance or his rough stretch in Springfield. The sample sizes are too small. Expect him to start 2007 back where he finished 2006, rural Missouri.

Dove really hasn't changed since being drafted out of Georgia Southern. He was a live arm then and he's a live arm now. He isn't a groundball machine, but he isn't a flyball factory either There really isn't much more to be said about him. Sometimes these guys work out. Sometimes they don't. If he does work out, then he's your standard issue power reliever. If he doesn't then he'll be selling insurance or coaching high school kids in a few years.