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Morning mound visit: have we finally reached the plateauing of infield shifts?

And a prospect to watch coming out of the Dominican Republic.

Miami Marlins v. Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Jesse Sanchez | Yesterday I linked to a ten-year retrospective on Bryce Harper’s prospect pedigree. Today we link to Jesse Sanchez’ piece on Dominican prospect sensation Julio Rodriguez, MLB’s second rated prospect.

Justin Choi | FanGraphs: Choi takes a look at the stagnated number of shifts in the game. Perhaps we’ve reached a plateau?

Cyd Ziegler | Outsports: Last year our friends and SB Nation compatriots at Outsports released a book list that helped an anonymous gay baseball player throughout their career. Yesterday, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes player became the first openly gay professional baseball player.

Flooding due to the remnants of Hurricane Ida did major damage to the Yankees’ minor league facility in Somerset, New Jersey. The video is astounding.