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Morning Mound Visit: White Sox clinch AL Central

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White Sox win the Central; the 3,000 hit club; What happened to the Padres

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game Two Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Leigh Allan | South Side Sox: The White Sox clinched the AL Central with a 7-2 win over Cleveland. This is the first time since 2008 that Chicago has won the division. The Sox are also the first team to clinch a division as the Giants and Dodgers are still separated by one game, and the Brewers and Rays will likely clinch their respective divisions this weekend.

Dan Szymborski | FanGraphs: Miguel Cabrera recently joined the 3,000 hit club, but he might be the only new member for a while. Not only is the league-wide batting average falling, but so, too, is the variance between averages.

Ben Carsley | Baseball Prospectus $: Before the season started, the question surrounding the Padres was whether they could take the NL West from the Dodgers. Now, they’re more likely to end with a sub-.500 record than even take a Wild Card spot. So, the question has become: What the hell happened?

Quick Hits

Down to their last strike, the Dodgers tied it up in the ninth and later won with a two-run homer from Max Muncy.

Paul Goldschmidt hit a two-run bomb of his own to help the Cardinals to their 12th-straight win.

The Phillies scored eight unanswered runs after being down 6-0.