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Morning Mound Visit: Seattle to host 2023 All-Star Game

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2023 All-Star Game; Hunter Renthrow; Salary pools

T-Mobile Park Photo by Ben VanHouten/Seattle Mariners

Daniel Kramer | It leaked a few days ago, but it was officially announced Thursday that Seattle will host the 2023 All-Star Game. Seattle last hosted the All-Star Game in 2001. Next year’s Midsummer Classic will take place at Dodger Stadium.

Matt Collins | Over the Monster: Hunter Renfroe is garnering a reputation for his cannon-like arm, but according to DRS and OAA, the outfielder has been a liability. Renfroe graded as fine previously and defensive stats are inherently volatile, so what are we to make of Renfroe’s defense?

Jonathan Judge | Baseball Prospectus $: Some teams are acting as if money is the reason they’re not competitive even though every organization is worth a billion dollars and there’s a soft salary cap. To rectify this, why not instate a salary pool and pay players based on performance?

Quick Hits

The Orioles walked off the Yankees in a wet and wild 10th inning.

The Cubs dropped a seven-spot on the Phillies in the third...

And lost 17-8. lol