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Morning Mound Visit: MLBUA issues statement regarding Joe West’s inane comments

Umpires distance themselves from Joe West; Mark Canha is a good student; An AI was taught baseball

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League Championship Series - Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros - Game Three Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Bill Baer | NBC Sports: Of course Joe West is a coronavirus denier. Many have pointed out that if Joe West believes something is safe, it most definitely isn’t. The umpires union issued a statement that didn’t specifically name West but disavowed his viewpoint. As Bill Baer points out, that might not be enough. If the season is to continue safely, each individual needs to be rigorous in their adherence to the health protocols especially those in charge of enforcing those rules on the field.

Alex Coffey | The Athletic $: While the average 31-year-old white dude has spent quarantine babying a sourdough starter, Mark Canha used his unexpected free time to take an online Introduction to Public Health Policy at UC Berkeley. To confirm that you wouldn’t recognize most baseball players if you saw them on the street, no one knows who he is aside from his professor.

Joshua Silver | Baseball Prospectus: Singlearity is a neural network which accurately predicts the outcome of plate appearances. It outperforms the log5 method originally used by Bill James, and it might be able to help managers and baseball minds make betters decisions.