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Morning Mound Visit: Minor League Baseball season could be officially canceled today

What we all expected could be made official; Ian Desmond explains why he’s opting out; What we can glean from 60-player pools

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Worcester Red Sox Get Their Nickname The WooSox Photo by Nic Antaya for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Evan Drellich | The Athletic $: It’s been an expected outcome for months, but Minor League Baseball could officially announce the 2020 season is canceled today. Minor League Baseball lacks the ancillary revenues of MLB, so playing to empty stadiums isn’t feasible. In addition, the health hazards of playing baseball and the added load of testing that a minor league season would necessitate both make it difficult to play ball beneath the major league level.

Ian Desmond | Instagram: The upshot is that Ian Desmond is opting out of the 2020 season, but he won’t be taking the year away from baseball. Desmond will be working with Sarasota Youth Baseball for reasons no one can explain better than Desmond himself.

Craig Edwards | FanGraphs: Over the weekend, (most) teams revealed their 60-man player pools. This sort of roster construction is unprecedented, so we’re still unpacking what this all means. Craig Edwards did the work of looking for trends and patterns among the pools.