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Morning Mound Visit: Owners would rather play a 50-game season

Owners will try to cut pay by any means necessary; MLB’s silence is complicity; an institution shuts its doors

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Passan | ESPN: MLBPA proposed a 114-game season on Sunday with no additional pay cuts. The owners, who issued a nonstarter proposal last week, reportedly viewed it as non-negotiable. The owners were rumored to counter with a 50-game season with prorated salaries and no additional cuts, but according to Jeff Passan, that would be a last resort.

Ryan Sheedy | Baseball.FYI: In cities across the country, people continue to protest the murder of Black Americans by police, and MLB has failed to issue a statement of support. Silence is complicity especially when there’s hope of real change, and MLB’s silence has been deafening.

Jay Jaffe | FanGraphs: Over the weekend, the New York sports bar and baseball institution, Foley’s, announced it would be closing its doors for good. Foley’s, like so many other independent businesses, wasn’t able to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic. Jay Jaffe wrote about what the bar meant to the baseball community.