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Morning Mound Visit: MLBPA plans a counter offer of a longer season and full, prorated salaries

The player’s aren’t biting on the sliding scale; The A’s won’t pay their minor leaguers; A way to improve MLB’s proposal

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Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich | The Athletic $: MLB’s sliding scale proposal is a nonstarter with the MLBPA who plans to counter with offering to play a longer season on their full, prorated salaries. Some players have even floated the idea of playing around 100 games while only being paid for 81. Players may also be open to deferrals.

Alex Hall | Athletics Nation: The A’s announced on Tuesday that they would cease payments to minor leaguers effective May 31. Shafting their employees is estimated to save the A’s around $1 million. This news came ahead of a report from the San Francisco Chronicle that the Athletics’ plan to build a new ballpark at Howard Terminal has hit another snag.

Craig Goldstein | Baseball Prospectus: MLB’s financial proposal is riddled with hypocrisy. The league has suggested that the wealthiest should bear the brunt of the losses, but they haven’t extended that logic to themselves. Craig Goldstein deconstructed the flaws of the plan while offering playable solutions himself.