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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 10/22/19

The best World Series rotations; Gerrit Cole’s curve; Max Scherzer’s chase for a ring

MLB: World Series-Workouts Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Craig Edwards: In an age of bullpens, this is actually one of the best rotation matchups in the World Series of all-time. It’s nearly as good as the Yankees/Marlins face-off in 2003 which featured Mike Mussina, Josh Beckett, Dontrelle Willis, and Roger Clemens, and it’s the best single rotation (the Astros are that single one) in the World Series since at least 1947. I predict, then, that there will ironically be a blow-out or two.

Baseball Prospectus | Matthew Trueblood ($): Most of the attention given to Gerrit Cole has been towards his fastball and slider, but his curve has been his best pitch in the second half, in fact. About a quarter of them dropped in for called strikes, and in totality, have formed to make his highest strike percentage of any pitch.

The Ringer | Claire McNear: At 35 years-old, Max Scherzer is getting another chance at a title, after a few false starts with the Nationals and some close chances with the Tigers. Though his endurance has been otherworldly at times, it has been tested in 2019, and he likely won’t look the same if or when he’s in the Fall Classic again. For baseball’s sake, it would be cool to see one of the better pitchers of this decade to get a ring.