The Four-Man Rotation Episode 4: Measurements and the NL West

Podcasts are back! (I doubt that you ever thought they were gone.) The Four-Man Rotation, featuring Bryan, Bryan, Craig, and Matt is here to dive deeply (and sometimes weirdly) into serious baseball topics. You can read a description of the fourth episode of our show right here:

In the fourth episode of the Four-Man Rotation, Craig Goldstein guides the guys through a discussion of the events in baseball we'd love to see measured. After talking tools, contracts, defense, and sequencing, Bryan, Bryan, Matt, and Craig discuss the National League West. Will the once-dominant Dodgers come out on top again, or will one of the other teams in the division take the crown?

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Also, shout out to Autopilot Off, whose track "Nothing Frequency" was used as the show's intro and outro. Check out their albums!