The Four-Man Rotation Episode 2: Guessing Games

Podcasts are back! (I doubt that you ever thought they were gone.) The Four-Man Rotation, featuring Bryan, Bryan, Craig, and Matt is here to dive deeply (and sometimes weirdly) into serious baseball topics. You can read a description of the second episode of our show right here:

Episode Two of The Four-Man Rotation is here! Bryan Joiner leads all four guys through a discussion about the ins and outs of making pre-season projections. Craig Goldstein breaks down the situation with the Gurriel brothers while Bryan Grosnick takes a wild stab at landing spots for both of them. Then, Matt Kory talks about comparing Presidential candidates to baseball teams, ultimately alienating any possible listeners we've earned to this point. You'll love it!

The article that Matt references on FanGraphs can be found here.

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Also, shout out to Autopilot Off, whose track "Nothing Frequency" was used as the show's intro and outro. Check out their albums!