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BtB Sabermetric Writing Awards: Voting for Best Sabermetric Research or Writing Website

It is time to vote on the BtB Sabermetric Writing Awards!  As a reminder, the community vote has a 50% say in who gets the award (the other 50% being an internal vote among BtB writers as well as a few invited guests).

Here is the category description.

The best sabermetric blog or website of the year. Define "best" as you wish, though it should be focused on writing and/or research contributions.

And here are your nominees, along with a description provided from the nomination thread.  They are sorted randomly, courtesy of excel's rand() function:

1. Sabermetric Research - Phil Birnbaum
Best commentary on economics and statistics as they overlap with sports, with a focus on baseball. Phil will often take articles that are published in academic journals and either inform the sabermetric community of their application, identify their errors, or do his own research to expand on or refute the concepts.

2. DRaysBay
Some research, but mostly excellent writing. And they actually got a thank you from the owner of the Rays.

3. Lookout Landing
Good writing, sporadic original research. Jeff’s game recaps are the best. The Mariners have become my second favorite team because of LL.

4. The Hardball Times
Probably the most professional website out there (posts everyday, work is edited), and excellent research and historical writing. The book is great too.

5. Baseball Analysts
Rich Lederer and crew continue to churn out some of the most well-written and thoughtful blogs, not to mention Rich’s entertaining and FJM style banter with and subsequent humilition of Buster Olney.

6. FanGraphs
With a large stable of paid writers, FanGraphs became one of the major sites on the web where sabermetric concepts are written about and discussed at an approachable level.

7. Inside the Book blog
Be it original research, linkage around the sabermetric blogosphere, or insightful discussion in the comments, this site is required reading for anyone event remotely interested in hardcore sabermetrics.