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BtB Sabermetric Writing Awards: Voting on Best Primer or Review Article

It is time to vote on the BtB Sabermetric Writing Awards (<--this link serves as the project hub)!  As a reminder, the community vote has a 50% say in who gets the award (the other 50% being an internal vote among BtB writers as well as a few invited guests).

Here is the present category description.

Articles that provide excellent introductions to, or summaries of, important fields of sabermetric research. When published online, these are often, but not always, broken up into series because of their necessary length.

And here are your nominees, along with a description provided from the nomination thread.  They are sorted randomly, courtesy of excel's rand() function

1. Michael Jong: Linear Weights: The Positive and Negative (Runs) From Intro to Sabermetrics 101:
This was as good an intro to linear weights, how their calculated, and their advantages and disadvantages as I read (or wrote) this year.

2. Tom Tango: The Mike Silva Chronicles
Tango’s series of answers to Mike Silva on the various sabermetric principles of the day was a great read, particularly the one on FIP.

3. Kincaid: Evaluating Pitchers with FIP
Especially part 1. It’s the best breakdown of the inner workings of FIP I’ve ever seen, with good coaching on how to use it as well. "So BIP are still there, just hidden in the formula. Their value is used to determine the weights given to each other event."

4. Dave Cameron: Win Values series
WAR went from little known to widely used this season, and I think Cameron’s easy to understand, current, yet detailed series is a big part of the reason why it became so quickly accepted.

5. Colin Wyers/Sky Kalkman: Databases for Sabermetrician/Saberizing a Mac
With this combo, there is no reason not to have local dataset.

6. Alex Remington: Everything you always wanted to know about...,211211
For advanced stats to become mainstream, the mainstream needs to embrace them and make them available.

Vote below the jump!