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Welcome to the new Beyond the Boxscore

You might have noticed that Beyond the Boxscore has been a little different lately. Some things officially changed behind the scenes about two weeks ago, and I thought I'd finally take a moment and fill you in on what's new.

First of all, I've taken over for Marc Normandin as ringleader. Marc's a busy guy, notably with his expanding role at Baseball Prospectus, so I'm going to handle all the administrative stuff. Marc is still going to be around (as you've already seen), so you can keep checking back for more of his great writing at least once a week. (Right, Marc?)

I'm assuming that most readers of this site know me from my other online adventures: Brew Crew Ball, The Hardball Times, and Minor League Splits.

Already, you may have noticed that we're becoming more prolific: the goal is to have a fresh piece of baseball analysis for you five or six times a week. Beyond that, we want to become your gateway to sabermetrics on the web. With that in mind, we're posting reading lists almost every day, directing to you to the most interesting stat-related writing we can find.

As it always has been, this is a collaborative process. Not only does Beyond the Boxscore feature a slew of great writers--John Barten, John Beamer, Cyril Morong, Mike Pindelski, Ryan Van Bibber, and others--but we want to hear from you as well. You can always leave comments on any of our entries; also, remember you can start diaries on the right-hand sidebar.

If you're a writer and you'd like to contribute to Beyond the Boxscore, drop me a line. (To email me, just click on my name and you'll find my address.) There's no commitment required: we just want good, interesting writing, so if you've got it, we'd love to publish it. If you're a blogger and think I ought to be linking to your work, let me know about it. I can't promise I'll agree, but I'll certainly take a look.

In short, the new Beyond the Boxscore isn't much different than the old version. If you liked it before, you'll like it going forward. Bookmark the site, subscribe to our feeds, and keep coming back. You won't regret it.