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Josh Fields, relief ace

The Dodgers may have acquired the best right-handed reliever moved at the deadline this side of Mark Melancon.

Can Brandon McCarthy save the Dodgers rotation?

L.A. needs starters, badly. They might have just gotten one back.

Indians acquire Andrew Miller from Yankees, shoot their shot

The Yankees pull off their second reliever-based blockbuster in a week, and the Indians get one step closer to a pennant.

Cubs acquire Aroldis Chapman from Yankees

The Cubs have a new closer, and some ugly moral questions.

The Twins fired their GM

But are they ready to get serious about building for the future?

Red Sox deal Anderson Espinoza for Drew Pomeranz

The Red Sox' loss is the Padres' gain...once again.

The 5 biggest All-Star snubs

These deserving players are all staying home this week.

BtBS Roundtable: Why won't MLB pay its minor leaguers?

The "Save America's Pastime Act" would ensure that minor league players continue to earn less than minimum wage. BtBS writers explain the numerous problems with the proposed legislation.

Pretending the Strasburg-Kershaw matchup still happened

Who would walk away with the win?

MLB Draft 2016: Live results and analysis

Follow the MLB draft results here!

White Sox acquire James Shields from Padres

The need for Big Games has arisen on the South Side.

Pedro Alvarez: a very Orioles player indeed

I am shocked that the Orioles signed a defensively inept slugger. Shocked!

Dexter Fowler is not an Oriole, but a Cub.


Dodgers get a great deal on Howie Kendrick

It's pretty hard to argue that 2 years/$20 million is anything but a steal for a player of Howie Kendrick's caliber. But why did the Dodgers want him in the first place?

Rays swipe Corey Dickerson from the Rockies

Tampa's new outfielder (or possibly first baseman) should help them contend in 2016, while Colorado's new reliever will anchor the late innings of a losing team.

Joe Blanton's slider just made him $4 million

If Joe Blanton is anywhere close to how good he was in 2015, this contract could prove to be quite the steal for the Dodgers.

The Orioles bring back Chris Davis — but at a cost

Baltimore's star first baseman won't leave in 2016. Instead, he'll remain on the books for seven costly years.

Won the Powerball? Invest in a baseball franchise

Grow your windfall by investing in real estate that happens to have baseball players standing on top of it.

Giants sign Denard Span to three-year deal

The Giants have added Denard Span on a three-year deal for a guaranteed $31 million.

Royals re-sign Alex Gordon

It was a move that had to be made, and Dayton Moore pulled it off.

Dodgers sign Scott Kazmir, double down on risk

L.A. has finally added another starter, but is Kazmir the starter they needed?

Cardinals play it safe by signing Leake

The Cardinals added a dependable, low-ceiling starter to round out an excellent but injury-prone rotation.

Reds trade Todd Frazier to White Sox

The Dodgers are also involved in the three-team deal.

Do the Diamondbacks understand DIPS theory?

The Diamondbacks have paid a high price for two pitchers who appear to be overvalued by traditional measures like ERA.

Mets, Pirates make an eminently fair trade

After a Winter Meetings filled with heists and swindles, the Mets and the Pirates went against the trend and made a trade that looks good for both sides.

Why the Blue Jays aren't overpaying for J.A. Happ

J.A. Happ doesn't need to do in Toronto what he did in Pittsburgh, but the Blue Jays wouldn't mind it.

Examining the value of the Blue Jays' trade for David Price

The Blue Jays have become the new employers of David Price. is this enough to push them into the playoffs?

Cole Hamels's dominant no-hitter

No-hitters aren't always as impressive as the label makes them seem. Cole Hamels' performance against the Cubs on Saturday wasn't one of those cases.

Scott Kazmir bolsters the Astros' rotation

The Oakland lefty heads to Houston, where he'll try to elevate one of this season's biggest surprises to the playoffs.

Baseball happened in Miami

Deconstructing a fun baseball inning.

The 18 Strikeouts of the Klubot

The Klubot got back on track last night, tying a franchise record last night.

Jeff Samardzija's love (or lack thereof) for data

New White Sox pitcher Jeff Samardzija recently stated he wasn't a huge fan of data. He's probably more correct than he realizes.