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The Smallest Sample Size

Game recaps with a sabermetric bent.

What's going on with Sandy Leon?

As his small sample size continues to grow, is the hot streak of Sandy Leon more than just a fluke?

Brian Dozier has become a complete hitter

The streaky Twin might have found a formula that'll work out long-term.

Red hot Russell Martin fueling Blue Jays

Russell Martin has been on quite a hot streak this past week. We take a look at all six home runs he’s hit during the past seven days.

Dallas Keuchel is throwing (kinda) hard again

Declining velocity led to a myriad of issues for the American League’s reigning Cy Young winner early this season, but as Dallas Keuchel has regained incremental velocity, his troubles have subsided.

Three of the most fluky 2016 statistics

Small samples are fun!

The top 10 small sample size stars and scrubs

The top and bottom 10 players on the BABIP leaderboards are ripe for regression.

Inside the park, out of the box

Looking back at some inside-the-park home runs and the weird plays that made them possible.

Oldies but goodies: A look at the age-40+ regulars

Last year only seven forty-year-old players played in the majors. A look at the seasoned players ready to contribute in 2016.

Daniel Murphy, high and inside

The Royals are apparently planning on throwing high and inside more frequently to Daniel Murphy. There's a reason he hasn't seen many of those pitches, though.

How to win a World Series

Getting to the Fall Classic and winning it can be quite different.

The legend of Wilmer Flores grows

Since the day he cried, Wilmer Flores has been tearing the cover off the ball.

Let's watch Evan Gattis hit a bunch of triples

Houston slugger Evan Gattis had just one career triple coming into the season. He has seven on the year for the Astros. Let's watch them.

Vertiginous Vincent Velasquez

When Vincent Velasquez made his regular season debut for the Astros last week and showcased a skill that doesn't get a lot of attention, but it could be the key to his future.

The six steals of Anthony Rizzo

For the most part, first basemen don't steal very often. They're usually big slow guys employed for their bats. Yet Anthony Rizzo already has six steals, and it's still April.

The week that was and the week ahead

A new weekly column summarizing last week's games and stories with figures that are not usually found in the box score.

New, probably way-too-early batted ball data

About 500 batted balls from the new MLB season have trajectory data available - what do they look like, and what can we learn?

George Springer makes an adjustment

Looking more in-depth at two plate appearances that could bode well for Springer this year.

Kyle Kendrick shocks the world!

Kyle Kendrick looked like the worst of the opening day starters but tossed a gem against the Brewers. Did he change his approach?

Gloves out: The Mark Trumbo advantage?

Mark Trumbo is moving to right field in part because he's more comfortable having his glove handy in the direction where balls tend to tail toward the foul pole. If this is real, can we see this in other players' defensive numbers?

The year in catcher's interference

How many ways are there to first base? A look at the 22 catcher's interference calls of 2014.

Tyson Ross: Now without walks!

The San Diego righty has sustained his 2013 breakout, but as of late he's taken things to the next level, behind dramatically better command.

Post-Home Run Derby Slumps and All-Fields Hitters

On the whole, recent Home Run Derby participants have seen their production decline in the second half. Have some types of hitters been more susceptible to the post-Derby slump than others?

Unluckiest pitching staffs so far in 2014

Some pitching staffs, like the Athletics and Dodgers, had balls batted against them deemed unplayable by Inside Edge under 6% of the time. Other teams, like the Red Sox and Royals, have had over 10% deemed unplayable.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/25/13: Wells Run Dry

Early this morning, Casper Wells took the mound for his second relief appearance of the year. Casper Wells is not a pitcher. Throughout Arizona and Philadelphia's 18 inning affair, there was plenty of weird baseball to go around.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/21: Enter Xander

From a career milestone for a top second baseman to a debut from one of the game's best prospects, yesterday's games had a bit of everything. We cover it all in the morning's smallest sample size!

The Smallest Sample Size 8/20/13: Blowout Bonanza

Three games were decided by seven or more runs last night. While two teams of offensive juggernauts lit up their respective opponents, one surprising team erupted for five homers.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/19: Errors Everywhere!

There were more than a handful errors throughout Sunday's games and one blazing hot team had their win streak snapped because of a pair of inconvenient errors on routine groundballs in the ninth inning.

TSSS 08/15/13: Pinch-hitting success!

Don't expect the St. Louis Cardinals to give up any time soon, the Kansas City Royals are fading, and players pinch-hitting with success.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/14: Multi-homer madness

Paul Goldschmidt carried Arizona to a win last night with an incredibly clutch pair of homers but there were a couple other batters who also had multi-homer games. Recap last night's games through a win probability scope!

The Smallest Sample Size 8/13: Darvish dominates

Yu Darvish keeps topping himself. This time striking out 15 Astros while flirting with a no-hitter up until the eighth inning. Meanwhile, Mat Latos, Hiroki Kuroda, Cole Hamels and more were also able to pitch eight or more innings of dominant ball.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/12/13: Giant meltdown

Many teams fell apart in epic fashion last night while Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw added excellent outings to their case for the American and National League Cy Young awards.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/11: Hidden Ball Trick!

Bring you recaps of all the action from last night.


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