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Team Previews & Analysis

Boston lost, but they'll be back

The Red Sox are dead. Long live the Red Sox.

The Cardinals' home record is an anomaly

Everybody wins. Postseason teams win during the regular season. So how is a team that finishes under .500 at home still contending?

The Toronto Blue Jays contention window

The Blue Jays are very much alive in the 2016 playoff race, but how many more years of contention do they have?

The Cardinals' road success might give them an edge in October

The Cardinals may be the first team in the WC era to make the post season with a losing record at home. As a Wild Card team, does it matter?

Is there a solution to the Cardinals' bad baserunning?

The Cardinals are not good at running the bases, but what can they do to improve?

Dodgers succeeding despite loss of Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers were supposed to crash and burn without Kershaw, but they have thrived instead.

Rays really not that far from contending again

The Tampa Bay Rays are having a down season in 2016, but here's how they can rebound in 2017 and 2018.

Handling The Marlins Infield Logjam

The Marlins have a glut of talented young infielders and a weak starting rotation. How can the team address their needs moving forward?

Rangers did exactly what was needed

The Rangers managed to put themselves in the driver’s seat in the AL West coming into July, and their success at the trade deadline makes them a formidable American League foe.

The true-talent Phillies and Astros

Phillies started hot. Astros started cold. But as Philly and Houston demonstrate, true talent comes out over the long run.

The current crop of Rockies pitchers is the most exciting in years

A successful Rockies pitching staff is most intriguing.

What should the Angels do from here?

The Los Angeles Angels have bloated contracts and a lack of flexibility. What can they do in the near future to dig themselves out of their financial hole?

The 2016 homer bug has not yet bitten the Dodgers

The general increase in home runs across the board in MLB has avoided the Dodgers so far, despite one glaring change in their starters' batted ball distribution.

3 teams who will almost certainly be buyers

The trade deadline approaches and brings with it a real sense of excitement.

Rangers shine above all AL teams

The Rangers commitment to depth, good scouting, and some good fortune have put them in position to win the West.

Has the White Sox catcher experiment worked?

Sox GM Rick Hahn gambled on Alex Avila and Dioner Navarro. It has yet to pay off.

The Rangers and Giants are a mirage

The two teams leading the western divisions aren’t as dominant as they appear.

An update on the 2016 Orioles and the team home run record

The 2016 Orioles have made the Steamer HR predictions a lot closer to the franchise record than in the preseason.

The AL West doesn't look like we thought it would

The AL West is an unpredictable mess, and a lot of fun as a result.

The Cardinals defense is either really good or really terrible

It depends on the metric.

Conforto leads way for Mets offense

The New York Mets have been baseball's hottest team, and 23-year-old Michael Conforto has been a major catalyst.

A guide to the most watchable starters: AL Central

Which AL Central starting rotations are the most enjoyable to watch?

A guide to the most watchable starters: NL Central

Which teams in the NL Central have the pitching staffs that are the most enjoyable to watch?

Can the 2016 Orioles set the franchise HR record?

The 1996 Orioles set the franchise record for home runs with 257; this year's Orioles have a ton of power.

The Royals are the face of Moneyball in 2016

Don't listen to what anyone says. The Kansas City Royals are the most moneyball team in baseball right now.

MLB Opening Day 2016: AL West preview

The Astros and Rangers will fight for dominance despite the best player in MLB being on a different team in this division.

MLB Opening Day 2016: NL East preview

The Mets look poised to repeat as champions, but Bryce Harper could will the Nationals to contention. Sorry other teams.

MLB Opening Day 2016: NL West preview

Dollar bills were thrown all across this division. Will any of it make a difference?

MLB Opening Day 2016: AL Central preview

Can last season's World Champions repeat?

MLB Opening Day 2016: NL Central preview

Three powerhouses vie for dominance.

MLB Opening Day 2016: AL East preview

The typical powerhouses are gearing up to be powerhouses again. This division, however, is up for grabs.

Revisiting the 2011 Phillies rotation

Five years ago, Philadelphia assembled a rotation for the ages. How does it stand up to newer metrics?


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