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Team Previews & Analysis

The 2020 Rockies team is the 2019 Rockies 2.0

The Colorado Rockies added nothing but uncertainty as they head into 2020.

The Cubs will be determined by big “ifs” in 2020

The Chicago Cubs could be really good in 2020, they could be bad in 2020, this is the Cubs now

The Marlins’ rebuild is progressing... slowly

Miami should improve in 2020 but it is going to be tough to escape the cellar.

The 2020 Angels are the epitome of a stars and scrubs roster

In which we examine the ultimate stars-and-scrubs roster

The Mariners playoff drought will turn 19 this year

The Mariners, who haven’t made it to the postseason since 2001, are rebuilding. Rebuilding from what? Who knows?

The 2020 Royals will continue their tank

Another season where the Royals simply have no intention of contending.

The 2020 White Sox are barely recognizable from last year’s team

The AL Central is more open than it has been in years, can the White Sox pounce on the opportunity?

‘Detroit Tigers Season Preview,’ or ‘Waiting for Mize’

The Detroit Tigers are just keeping things warm for when their pitching prospects arrive.

The Twins are capable of repeating as AL Central champs

They’ll suffer some regression, and the White Sox have gotten better, but the Twins will benefit from key offseason moves.

The Orioles will lose a ton of games, according to plan

The Orioles are going to lose a lot in 2020, just like they planned

The Yankees made the two moves they needed to make

One change on the field, and one off.

2020 BtBS Team Previews: Boston Red Sox

This is still a good, competitive team, but owner John Henry has clearly stopped caring about this team winning.

2019 BtBS Team Preview: San Diego Padres

By developing— and promoting— prospects while spending big in free agency, the Padres have become a model franchise.

The Giants remain in a holding pattern, but will soon emerge

Their biggest acquisition did not come on the player side.

The Diamondbacks mediocre offseason will lead to a mediocre record

A steady decline has led to a rebuild in the desert. How deep do the cuts have to go and what does it mean to the 2019 squad?

2019 BtBS Team Previews: Cincinnati Reds

A lot of "ifs" need to break right for the Reds.

The 2019 Marlins will focus heavily on development

Finally bereft of superstars, the Miami Marlins enter "make or break" 2019 needing several pieces to step up developmentally.

2019 BtBS Team Previews: Washington Nationals

The Nationals should have some positive regression in 2019.

The Braves need young pitching to build on early success

Pleasing fans and haters alike.

2019 BtBS Team Previews: Los Angeles Angels

Despite having the greatest player of this generation, the Angels haven’t made the postseason since 2014. They didn’t do anything to change that.

The 2019 Mariners aren’t going to be as bad as you think they are

The Mariners have the potential to remain a competitive squad this year.

2019 BtBS Team Preview: Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics can top the charts in 2019

The 2019 Kansas City Royals will be a mix of bad and fun

Steals and outs, steals and outs.

The White Sox have had mixed results, despite their promoted prospects

Chicago has recently promoted some of the top prospects in the game, but the results haven’t been what they wanted.

The Orioles’ 2019 mantra: sell, sell, sell

With a turnaround General Manager in place, the Orioles have to continue to sell, and look towards the not-so-near future, as 2019 looks bleak.

The new wave of Blue Jays is arriving

They may not be contending, but this season will mark a new chapter of Blue Jays baseball.

The Tampa Bay Rays will exceed expectations

The Rays remind us how little we understand about baseball.

The 2019 Yankees have the same strengths, but with one glaring weakness

And it comes from the top.

The Cubs will bounce back

It was undoubtedly a disappointing end to the season, but the Cubs’ window is still wide open.

The Red Sox are on a dangerous path toward disappointment

It’s not just the socks that are red in Boston; there are some serious red flags about their pitching staff, too.

How valuable is Matt Carpenter, first baseman?

The Cardinals think Matt Carpenter’s blend of plate discipline and newfound power makes him a good fit for 1B; could they be mistaken?

The savvy side of Houston's Tal's Hill renovation

With the leveling of the Astros' strange center-field geographic feature, Minute Maid Park will play much differently on deep, straightaway fly balls, and Houston will have a chance to take advantage through smart roster design.


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