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This section focuses on all things PITCHf/X

Gio Gonzalez replaces strikeouts with grounders

The Nationals lefty no longer blows past the opposition; instead, he goads them into (theoretically) weak contact. The question is, why did he make this switch?

What exactly is Mike Fiers?

The Brewers' Mike Fiers currently sports a 5.00 ERA, a 12.3 K/9, and a fastball averaging below 90 MPH. This article uses Pitch F/X to examine his odd 2015 start.

The renewed evolution of Scott Kazmir

The Oakland left-hander has thrived once again this year, but he's executed differently than he did in years past.

Collin McHugh riding slider to success

One weird trick has changed Collin McHugh's career.

George Springer makes an adjustment

Looking more in-depth at two plate appearances that could bode well for Springer this year.

Kyle Kendrick shocks the world!

Kyle Kendrick looked like the worst of the opening day starters but tossed a gem against the Brewers. Did he change his approach?

The fastball-changeup interplay with Jacob deGrom

deGrom has qualities that make his otherwise unremarkable changeup play up.

Swinging at 3-0 pitches: A high-risk decision

Swinging at a 3-0 pitch is a high-risk decision. How often do batters do it? What factors influence the likelihood?

Pitching success: Another visual analysis

How does pitcher success change on pitches inside or outside of the strike zone? This post shows it visually.

What does a 100mph swing speed mean?

Showcases are using bat sensors to measure swing speed, with some draft prospects topping 100 mph. What does this mean, and how does it compare to the best pros?

Hitting outside the strike zone: A visual analysis

What difference does it make if the pitch a hitter puts into play is in the strike zone or out of it? Quite a lot.

Swinging at pitches outside the strike zone

Hitters have been told since they began playing Little League not to swing at pitches outside the strike zone. How well do they listen to this sage advice, and should they?

Aces and changeups

A few aces are using the change a bit differently but still achieving great results.

It's time to take Lincecum out of the rotation

Tim Lincecum was the best pitcher in the world for a period of time, but the Giants can't afford to live in the past.

Changeups, fastballs and the Philadelphia Phillies

According to pitch values, Phillies pitchers had the best changeups in baseball but were among the league's worst at fastball effectiveness in 2014.

The Chicago Cubs and catcher framing

What did the Cubs have in mind with their acquisitions of Miguel Montero and David Ross? It might go deeper than you think.

On Jason Hammel's command

In 2014, Jason Hammel was good with the Cubs. The Cubs traded him to the A's, and he struggled. Let's investigate.

More on pitch types and the strike zone

Revisiting a recent article that used PITCHf/x parameters to see if different pitch types are associated with different strike zones.

Attempting to measure strength of fly ball contact

Not all fly balls are created equally. A $325M Giancarlo Stanton fly ball is different than, say, a $120M Elvis Andrus fly ball.

The complicated future of T.J. House

His strong rookie season notwithstanding, the Cleveland southpaw faces some obstacles if he wants to remain a starter.

Does the strike zone vary by pitch type?

We've seen the strike zone fluctuate by season, by count, and by batter handedness. Does the type of pitch thrown also affect the size of the zone?

A pitching quest for the perfect balance

Every year pitchers alter their repertoires. Did Felix Hernandez, Jon Lester, Chris Sale and others improve with their new offerings in 2014?

Jake Peavy's release point (in)consistency

The Giants right-hander has had some adventures with his release point this season.

Let's watch Trevor Bauer employ effective velocity

The most notable pitcher committed to an effective velocity based approach, let's examine the specifics of a few of his recent sequences through the lens of effective velocity.

Eric Stults should abandon his curveball

Eric Stults' curveball is worthless. Why is he still throwing it?

Edinson Volquez and ineffective high heat

The hanging curveball to Brandon Crawford wasn't the only reason why Volquez came up short in the Wild Card Game.

Mike Fiers and the value of sabermetrics

His 2013 nightmare fully behind him, the Milwaukee righty has returned to greatness in 2014. But could he have avoided the whole ordeal to begin with? And what role did traditional stats play in it?

Andrew Miller was a great trade for Baltimore

The lefty reliever has been incredible since he came to the Beltway.

Glen Perkins and his barking elbow

Glen Perkins has been shut down for the rest of the season due to a forearm strain and nerve irritation. We discuss what structures played a role in his injury and how it affected his pitching.

McCarthy and Peavy have become different pitchers

Since being traded in July, Brandon McCarthy and Jake Peavy have altered their approach on the mound, leading to different pitch selection and better results.

The top pitch framers, by battery

How much is the pitcher, as opposed to the catcher, responsible for getting extra strikes through pitch framing? We need not answer that question in looking at a list of top framing tandems.

Has Phil Hughes finally reached his potential?

Phil Hughes's resurgence came out of nowhere. How did he go from being a below average pitcher, to one of the best in the game?