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This section focuses on all things PITCHf/X

Daniel Murphy, high and inside

The Royals are apparently planning on throwing high and inside more frequently to Daniel Murphy. There's a reason he hasn't seen many of those pitches, though.

Zack Greinke: sabermetric Cy Young candidate?

This weekend, an article described Zack Greinke's dedication to statistical preparation, and his in-game management of his fielders' positions. Let's attempt to recreate his process for his NLDS start against the Mets.

The cult of Ray Searage has kidnapped J.A. Happ

Since the Pirates' pitching coach got his hands on J.A. Happ's fastball, the pitch has dramatically improved and become objectively more consistent.

How much did framing help Dallas Keuchel?

The Astros lefty looks like the favorite for the American League Cy Young award. But did the work of his catchers help him get here, and if so, how much does that detract from his case?

Martin Perez has returned with a ground ball focus

Martin Perez's return to the Rangers' starting rotation saw a large jump in the southpaw's ground ball rate well above his prior career rate.

Odrisamer Despaigne throws eephus often and early

Odrisamer Despaigne slings the slow curve more than anyone else in the league. How does he use the pitch?

Erasmo Ramirez is now a viable rotation piece

Following his 7 inning no-hit bid on Monday, it's evident that Erasmo Ramirez has earned a spot in the Rays rotation moving forward.

Free agency awaits a revitalized Ian Kennedy

The Padres righty looked like he had melted down completely — until he bounced back after the All-Star break.

Jeurys Familia now throws a 96 mph splitter

In the biggest Mets game since 2008, Mets' closer Jeurys Familia struck out the league's best hitter on one of the best pitches the game has ever seen

Happ, Blanton, and the Pirates' post-July adjustments

Pirates' Trade Deadline acquisitions have already contributed 2.1 cumulative fWAR since July 31, with J.A. Happ and Joe Blanton appearing to have made changes in their repertoires to do their part.

Madison Bumgarner is discovering his curveball

San Francisco's ace southpaw has had his best professional year to date, and his bender has contributed the most to that.

Raisel Iglesias is living up to his potential

After some hiccups, Cincinnati's second eminent Cuban pitcher's up-and-down debut in the States is more up than down recently.

David Price makes a change, gets even better

David Price has always been known as a top of the rotation pitcher who earns his living commanding 95 mph heat from the left side. That skill remains present, but Price has recently made a change that has made him an even better pitcher.

Has Jake Odorizzi found the recipe for success?

In his sophomore year, the Rays' righty has blossomed into a star.

Rubby De La Rosa should abandon his sinker

Diamondbacks' pitcher Rubby De La Rosa has the highest HR/FB rate in the majors, a rate that may be attributed to his sinker both directly and indirectly.

Drew Hutchison's strange season

Drew Hutchison has both an ugly ERA and the best FIP of his career - why is that?

Ready for liftoff: Candidates for high fastballs

Several pitchers have turned to high fastballs and seen improved results. Who else should be considering elevation?

Zach Britton managed to get even better

Throwing strikes at a higher rate than ever while featuring the best velocity of his career, Orioles' closer Zach Britton has ended 78 percent of all plate appearances with a strikeout or ground ball.

High heat, different results for Smyly & Porcello

Drew Smyly and Rick Porcello went through very similar shifts in the past year, but the results of those shifts have been drastically different.

No one is swinging at Mike Bolsinger

Through eleven starts, Mike Bolsinger's sterling ERA is supported by a surprising fact: batters are swinging less at his pitches in the zone than any other pitcher.

Umpires aren't giving Carpenter low and away calls

Although St. Louis Cardinals 3B Matt Carpenter is having a great 2015, he has been striking out more often than normal. But might it just be that he is the frequent recipient of bad calls from umpires?

Thoracic outlet syndrome and pitcher effectiveness

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a rare but serious injury that a few major league pitchers have suffered in recent years. How has this injury impacted the effectiveness of pitchers, both before diagnosis and after surgery?

Matt Boyd's curveball is both amazing and terrible

The MLB debut of Matt Boyd similarly went terribly, due to issues with the long ball, and well, due to good strikeout numbers.

Chris Sale is worse under pressure this year

After several years of clutch performance, the Chicago lefty has suddenly begun to crumble with men on base. What's caused this sudden change?

Yovani Gallardo, ground ball pitcher

The Rangers' Yovani Gallardo appears to have made the transformation from strikeout-focused starter to a ground ball generating machine.

Jaime Garcia: Healthy and at his best

Jaime Garcia has overcome a multitude of injuries to make it back to the Major Leagues, and now, he is arguably pitching better than he has at any point in his career.

Mitch Moreland is hitting the ball hard

The Texas Rangers' first baseman has been hitting balls with a higher average exit-velocity than anyone other than Giancarlo Stanton.

How Sonny Gray went from good to great

Oakland A's pitcher Sonny Gray has had a good start to his career thus far. But what has he done so far this season that has made him great?

Vertiginous Vincent Velasquez

When Vincent Velasquez made his regular season debut for the Astros last week and showcased a skill that doesn't get a lot of attention, but it could be the key to his future.

Max Scherzer pitches historic one-hitter

On Sunday night, the Nationals' Max Scherzer pitched a one-hit shut-out of the Milwaukee Brewers, generating 27 swinging strikes with a rare 100 game score.

Ubaldo Jimenez is effective again

After struggling in the first year of his four-year deal with the Orioles, Ubaldo Jimenez has returned to his 2013 form through the early part of this season.

The curious case of Craig Kimbrel

Typically considered the best closer in baseball, the Padres' Craig Kimbrel is struggling in 2015. Examine why he's become more hittable and homer-prone, despite generating more swings and misses than ever.