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This section focuses on all things PITCHf/X

Gregory Polanco developed into a (good) monster

Gregory Polanco has revamped his approach at the plate and the mechanics of his swing.

Aaron Nola has gotten a ton of called strikes

One of Philadelphia's many rising stars has truly dominated in 2016 by painting the corners like an old pro.

Should the Mets have shut Matt Harvey down last September?

Matt Harvey hasn't been the same since he pushed past the 180 innings mark last season. Should the Mets have listened to Scott Boras and shut the Dark Knight down?

Figuring out Rich Hill, maybe

Rich Hill is the most mysterious 36-year-old in baseball, but with both a good and a bad start under his belt in 2016, he may be a little less of an enigma than before.

Noah Syndergaard's (sort of) new toy

Noah Syndergaard threw a slider last year, but not like the one he threw against the Royals

Carlos Frias ready for regression

Frias underperformed when called upon for the Dodgers last year. However, his arsenal and peripherals indicate he's ready for another chance.

Mediating Projections, Part VI: Phil Hughes

The Minnesota right-hander broke out in 2014, then crashed down to earth in 2015. Where will he land in 2016?

New York Mets rotation: Who has the best repertoire?

A rotation with five electric arms - which one has the best stuff?

When speed doesn't kill

Noah Syndergaard has a surprising weakness.

Yordano Ventura's curve looks like a slider

Come for the curveball, stay for the charts.

Does Joe Kelly, in fact, have Great Stuff?

It's one of the virtual baseball world's favorite jokes. But is there fire behind all of this smoke?

Fowler has trouble with two strikes

By some measures, the Cubs outfielder has one of the best approaches in the game. By others, he lags behind the competition.

Teheran's fastball could lead to goodness in 2016

Teheran's four-seam fastball could have played a role in a dominant performance in July and better performance throughout the year.

Can Brad Ziegler repeat his solid 2015 performance in 2016?

Brad Ziegler stepped into the closer role for the Diamondbacks in 2015 and collected 30 saves. Can he do it again in 2016?

Xander Bogaerts has started hitting sliders

Xander Bogaerts produced at the plate in 2015, but how did he fare against sliders?

BtBS's guide to sabermetric tools and resources

Our little corner of the internet would not be possible without these resources.

Why did Andrew Cashner struggle in 2015?

With renewed trade rumors surrounding the Padres' starting pitcher, let's examine what might have contributed to Andrew Cashner's inconsistent 2015 season.

Julio Teheran struggled to beat lefties last year

Julio Teheran's struggles were obvious last season, but there was one group of hitters that gave the Braves starter more than he could handle.

Cody Allen: One of the best relievers in baseball

The Cleveland reliever ascended to the ranks of the elite in 2015.

Why is Tyler Clippard still a free agent?

Despite preventing runs and displaying typical durability in 2015, Tyler Clippard remains a free agent during an off-season that has seen high prices paid for late-inning relief.

The adjustment Jeff Samardzija needs to make

Jeff Samardzija had a very outlier 2015 season after three straight seasons of solid work from 2012-14. What does he need to do in order to return to form in 2016?

Alex Colome became effective using his new cutter

How did the Tampa Bay Rays new reliever Alex Colome utilize a cutter to fortify the Rays bullpen? Also, did anyone outside of Tampa Bay notice how good he was in 2015?

Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh's framing gap

Framing is a two-way street — both the pitcher and the catcher play significant roles. The young Astros demonstrated just how large the former's role can be.

Jeff Samardzija's $90M contract is not crazy

Despite producing a poor 4.96 ERA in his walk year, Samardzija's reported offer could work out.

Manny Machado's patience led to 2015 breakout

After seeing two seasons end with knee injuries, the defensive wizard returned in 2015 to become one of the most valuable players in baseball.

Patrick Corbin's triumphant Tommy John return

The left-handed Arizona pitcher performed better than ever in 2015 by shaking things up from the years before.

Tanner Roark and the southpaw struggles

Left-handed batters were not the greatest friend to Tanner Roark this season. Why exactly, and how can he change it going forward?

Drew Smyly became elite in 2015

Without any injuries holding him back, the Tampa Bay lefty could explode in 2016.

Ageless John Lackey uses sinker to combat time

Now a free agent, John Lackey's increased usage of his improved sinker helped fuel the lowest ERA of his career - at age 36.

Chris Young's fastball is rising to the occasion

Chris Young throws an 86-88 mph four-seam fastball. Yordano Ventura throws a 95-98 mph fastball. Chris Young's fastball was better this year. Find out how.

Marcell Ozuna's demotion won't affect trade value

Marcel Ozuna's 2015 season was marred by poor first-half numbers, along with politicking between Jeffrey Loria and Scott Boras.

Taijuan Walker needs to improve with men on base

An elite pitcher with the bases empty, the Seattle righthander struggled from the stretch.