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What the BtB Newsletter IS:

  • Free.
  • An extra way to provide thought-provoking saber-slanted content to our community.
  • A source of original articles and statistical oddities.
  • A collection of links to our best stories and discussions from the past week.
  • A way to help grow BtB's popularity. (Hey, no need to pretend otherwise. And if you're reading this, I'm guessing you agree that BtB is worth making more popular.)

What this newsletter is NOT:

  • Spam.
  • Just a re-hashing of content you can find at the website.
  • A way to collect email addresses to share or sell to anyone else. (We won't do that.)
  • A waste of your time.

Seriously, I hate crap showing up in my inbox. We wouldn't do that to you. And if you disagree about the newsletter's value, every issue includes a link to unsubscribe. Give it a test ride -- I think you'll find the reward is worth the risk.

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