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Negro Leagues

Many years too late, Minnie Miñoso finally elected to BBWAA Hall of Fame

After failing to ever clear 22% on the writer’s ballot, one of the most beloved players in baseball history finally receives rightful spot in Cooperstown

Negro Leagues history didn’t survive on its own

These four organizations have enriched and broadened our understanding of the Negro Leagues.

Pittsburgh’s deep history of black baseball

The history of black baseball runs deep in the Steel City. 

How Negro Leaguers finally entered the Hall of Fame

It took more than a speech from Ted Williams.

The women of the Negro Leagues

The history of the Negro Leagues is incomplete without women like Olivia Taylor and Toni Stone.

Oscar Charleston was one of the greatest to play the game

Few players have a résumé as impressive as Charleston’s.

The Negro Leagues and Latin America are intertwined forever

The Negro Leagues and Latin America shared a complicated relationship. Sometimes cooperative, sometimes combative, but they were always intertwined and that will never change.

A history of the Negro Leagues’ East-West All Star games

The Negro Leagues’ East-West Negro All Star games occurred for nearly three decades.

The All-Time Negro League All Star team

A look at our version of the All-Time Negro League All Star team. 

Five of the greatest pitchers of the Negro Leagues

A list that includes some of the greatest pitchers of all time.

Five of the greatest Negro Leagues hitters

The Negro Leagues housed some of the greatest hitters to ever play the game.

Buck O’Neil was always on time

Buck O’Neil was a great player and manager, but he was an even greater ambassador.

Negro League and black baseball book club

As we continue our tour of Negro League baseball, we wanted to share a book list for further reading on a variety of subjects, for all ages.

Rube Foster: the “Father of Black Baseball”

Black baseball existed before him, but Foster founded the first of what we commonly refer to as the Negro Leagues.

The Negro Leagues have always been major leagues

MLB has spent decades punishing and colonizing communities of color. After treating black ballplayers and the Negro Leagues as worse than second-class citizens they now want to take credit for elevating the Negro Leagues to major league status.

A trip to the Negro Leagues Museum

Taking a trip to one of the best baseball destinations in the world.

A Statistical Look into Satchel Paige's Dominance

Satchel Paige's career has inspired a lot of myth and legend, but Baseball-Reference's data now allows us to see some of statistics behind those stories

Josh Gibson: A Legend in Every Sense of the Word

An in-depth look at the legacy of the Negro League's greatest hitter, Josh Gibson


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