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MLB Draft

Draft Day 3 highlights

The Angels decided they don’t need hitters.

Draft Day 2 highlights

The Pirates did well, and college pitchers were in high demand.

MLB Draft 2021 Preview

This year’s draft will be unlike any other.

Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker are major league starters right now

One of them can make an immediate impact on a certain contender with a very high pick in next month’s rule 4 draft

How to fix Major League Baseball’s CBA

MLB’s collective bargaining agreement needs an overhaul, but what can the players’ association do about it?

2019 MLB Draft: Day Three Summary

One player worth knowing from each team

2019 MLB Draft: Day Two Summary

The talent isn’t as obvious in the second day of the draft, but there were still plenty of future big leaguers taken yesterday.

2019 MLB Draft: Day One summary

Things went just as expected, mostly.

Rutschman and Witt Jr. headline a college-heavy first round

The story lines to follow in this draft’s first few picks

BtBS’ 2019 MLB mock draft

Our predictions of who each team will select.

The 2018 MLB Draft left us with plenty of surprises

Risers, fallers, missed signings. The 2018 draft had it all.

Beyond the Box Score’s 2018 MLB Draft Review

Taking a look at the main highlights and story lines from this year’s draft.

2018 MLB Draft: Day Three Summary

Your favorite team probably picked some big leaguers!

2018 MLB Draft: Day Two summary and day three open thread

What went down on Day Two.

2018 MLB Draft: Day One summary and day two open thread

Recapping the events of Day One.

2018 MLB Draft: Open thread and live blog (Updated)

We gear up for the biggest prospect event of the year.

Biggest draft busts of the 2000s

Over the past 17 drafts, ten top-five picks haven’t panned-out. A look at the top ten busts since 2000.

The best MLB draft picks of all time

Not every great player is an elite prospect with a first round pedigree. Let’s take a look at the best lower tier MLB draft selections of all time.

2018 MLB Draft: Second round highlights

It’s not as high profile, but stars can still arise.

2018 MLB Draft: First round highlights

We take a look at the industry consensus and research on the most important round of the draft.

Buyer Beware with number-one draft picks

Bryce Harper is the exception, not the rule.

Beyond the Box Score’s Aggregate 2018 MLB Mock Draft

Scouring the Internet for expert draft projections

2015 MLB Draft in Review: In-betweens and should’ve-beens

Some stars, some average, and some flamethrowers headline the 2015 class.

2014 MLB Draft in Review: Nola, not Aiken, prevails

Four years removed from the 2014 MLB Draft, we are beginning to see some of its budding stars.

2013 MLB Draft in Review: Boom and bust

To kick off BtBS’ draft coverage, we look back five years.

Re-picking the Rays' unprecedented 2011 Draft

The Rays had a remarkable 12 picks in the first two rounds in 2011. Let's see how much better they could've done.

MLB Draft 2016: Live results and analysis

Follow the MLB draft results here!


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