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MLB Analysis & Sabermetrics

MLB is slowly killing its own sport

Baseball is losing a considerable number of fans thanks to the ongoing lockout and the owners’ unwillingness to come close to players’ demands

Fans and players should prepare for games being lost

Despite some late advances in the amateur draft lottery, CBA negotiations went nowhere this week. Losing regular-season games is a likely scenario.

The Yankees’ 2022 first base situation remains a mystery

No one, not even the Yankees, know who will play first base for them at this stage. They could get busy after the lockout

Kyle Tucker quietly became one of the league’s premier sluggers

The Houston Astros outfielder is an extra-base machine, and may still have another gear

The universal DH is a win-win for teams and players

The expectation is that the 2022 season, whenever it starts, will be played with the universal designated hitter rule. That is good news for everyone involved

Five potential breakout players for 2022

With patience and opportunity (innings or plate appearances), these five young players could break through and become key contributors

How much is Juan Soto worth?

Let’s try and guess what Soto’s next contract will look like

Are the Pittsburgh Pirates… interesting?

The Bucs still look like a last-place team in 2022, but they have some good young pieces, rebound candidates, and top prospects. Will they keep Bryan Reynolds, though?

Analyzing the Yankees’ ZiPS projections

Joey Gallo is projected to have a big rebound season for the Bombers, while the system predicts Néstor Cortés to take a step back

The AL East is full of potential outcomes

The Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, and New York Yankees can all finish anywhere from first to fourth in the division

You can trust Logan Webb’s breakout season

Meet Logan Webb, the San Francisco Giants ace

How will teams use their 26th roster spot?

Specialized offensive players are making a comeback.

Robinson Cano isn’t done yet

The Mets’ keystone wasn’t as bad his 2019 numbers look on the surface

Freddy Galvis is an elite defender apparently

Statcast’s new infield defensive metrics cast the Reds shortstop in a new light.

What we can glean from Statcast’s new infield defense metric

Infield defense, demystified.

Carlos Santana and Joey Votto are walking into history

Two of baseball’s longtime sluggers are surging up baseball’s all-time walk list. Who might join them?

The 2019 largest DRA-RA9 differences in baseball: underperformers

For the second straight year, we’re taking a look at the pitchers who most underperformed their DRAs.

The 2019 largest DRA-RA9 differences in baseball: overperformers

For the second straight year, we’re taking a look at the pitchers who most outperformed their DRAs.

Marcus Semien is the reason the Athletics will make the postseason

Good teams require a lot of good performances, but they also require a few that come out of nowhere.

The Indians bullpen just got some added help

James Karinchak put up absurd numbers in the minor leagues. He’ll now get a chance to contribute for the Indians during their playoff push.

The Rays added a possibly speedy contributor

Could the Rays have a new weapon?

The Nationals were right about Patrick Corbin

After hemming and hawing over the offseason about whether he is for real, he is indeed for real

Justin Verlander is the perfect Cy Young candidate for the Juiced Ball Era

No pitcher in recent memory has had such success while allowing so many home runs.

Nick Ahmed is now producing at the plate

He’s hitting for power now.

Jorge Soler deserves your attention

Pitchers are avoiding him and he is attacking anything they give him.

Drew Smyly is cutting it in Philly

After looking like a lost cause, Smyly has turned things around.

Nick Pivetta has simplified it in the bullpen

Nick Pivetta looks to help a struggling bullpen in his new role.

All hail Nelson Cruz

In the age of young position players, Cruz stands alone.

Aaron Sanchez held up the narrative in his Astros debut

It was almost not even a surprise.

Austin Nola has found offensive success

Changes to his batted ball profile have added some power.

With Madison Bumgarner, what you see is what you get

If you look past the history of Bumgarner, the version that currently exists is still more than serviceable.

Combining the juiced ball with the steroid era

It’s steroids, on steroids.


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