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Legal Analysis

What the Marcell Ozuna Case Tells Us

Police allegedly lied about what was on their bodycam footage

Why Trevor Bauer Keeps Delaying

Here’s why the Dodgers’ right-hander might think he can return to the mound in 2021

Bauer’s Hearing Strategy Is A Trial In The Court of Public Opinion

Bauer’s attorneys are trying to avoid having their client invoke the Fifth Amendment in open court.

On Trevor Bauer, Flirtation, Text Messages, and Consent

Bauer’s defense team says that text messages prove his victim consented. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Mike Bolsinger’s lawsuit against the Astros is already moving along

The Astros already have more wins than any other team in 2020.

The Diamondbacks are being sued

Did the team try to illegally force out some of its part owners?

The Astros’ cheating scandal goes to court

In the wake of Houston’s sign-stealing scandal, the team is facing multiple lawsuits.

The Kris Bryant ruling shows MLB’s “impartial” arbitration is a farce

The MLBPA should fire arbitrator Mark Irvings for refusing to require MLB teams to act in good faith.

The Mets hire Luis Rojas to be their second manager in three months

Luis Rojas is a shockingly good hire by a franchise that is notorious for its bad decision making.

Why aren’t there more African-Americans in MLB? A conversation with ESPN’s Howard Bryant

Almost 75 years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, the pathways for African-Americans in our national pastime are as blocked as ever.

The future of Minor League Baseball is headed to the United States Supreme Court

MLB’s bid to contract 42 minor league teams might be because the minor league wage lawsuits just took an unexpected turn.

Rob Manfred drops MLB’s hammer on the Astros

Here’s what we learned from the league’s unprecedented suspensions

What we don’t know about Yoenis Cespedes’ new contract

Brodie Van Wagenen negotiated a contract for Cespedes. Then Van Wagenen’s front office used that contract to stop paying the outfielder.

Domingo Germán’s suspension shows we’ve learned nothing about domestic violence

The New York Yankees, in the 2020 playoffs, could start a game with a pitcher who was suspended for publicly hitting his girlfriend, and finish the game with a pitcher who choked his girlfriend.

Let’s Talk About the Minor Leagues

Major League Baseball is moving forward with a proposal that could decimate the minor leagues. Here’s why this matters.

The Angels are staying in Anaheim

The team is buying the land where Angels Stadium is located

The Cubs are facing a federal review of the Wrigley Field renovations

The Cubs tried to take advantage of their disabled fans. Then one fan caught them.

The Yankees Don’t Want to Pay Jacoby Ellsbury

Do they have legal grounds to withhold his salary?

Why the Astros’ sign-stealing matters

MLB must act to prevent a race to the bottom.

Alex Anthopoulos has a problem

The Atlanta GM made news twice this week - and the second time might have been more damning.

Towards a new approach to MLB’s domestic violence policy

I’ve written often about the problems with MLB’s domestic violence policy. Now let’s propose a solution.

Oakland is suing to stop a new Athletics ballpark

Oakland is suing to keep the A’s in a sewage-infested lemon. Why might they be in the right here?

Were the Angels legally responsible for Tyler Skaggs’ death?

The team’s Director of Communications was allegedly supplying the southpaw with illegal drugs.

The Astros are being sued for tanking

The Former Astros Owner Accused the Current Astros Owner of Losing on Purpose.

MLB’s domestic violence policy both isn’t working, and is working perfectly

It’s time to face an uncomfortable truth about MLB’s fight against domestic violence

Julio Urías, Odubel Herrera, and the newest questions about MLB’s domestic violence policy

Urías is eligible for postseason play, but not Herrera. Why?

The Tigers and Chris Bosio Are Being Sued

Las Vegas makes a baseball gamble with the Diamondbacks

Las Vegas turns the average Triple-A hitter into 2019 Jose Altuve. I’m serious.

BTBS Exclusive: A look at Bob Garber’s contract with J.D. Martinez

Bob Garber’s lawsuit against J.D. Martinez’s former financial advisor has given us a rare look into the business of baseball.

The stadium wars have entered the minor leagues

An Orioles legend is suing an Orioles affiliate for stadium repairs.