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Ichiro Day

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Fifteen years after arriving in the United States, Ichiro remains a fan favorite.

Happy Ichiro Day!

Fifteen years after arriving in the United States, Ichiro remains a fan favorite.

Could Ichiro have hit more home runs?

There's an oft-repeated belief that with a different approach, Ichiro could have sacrificed hits for home runs. Do any similar players actually hit for power?

The night Ichiro hit two homers at Yankee Stadium

What's it like to witness Ichiro hit two home runs in one game?

Ichiro, 3000 hits, and a moment frozen in time

If he reaches 3,000 hits, he'll solidify his place in history.

Ichiro: The Blue Wave

For seven seasons before he came to Seattle, Ichiro Suzuki was the best hitter in the Japanese baseball. But what ended in a $13 million posting fee began with considerably less fanfare.

How to swing like Ichiro

A step-by-step breakdown of Ichiro's iconic swing.

Just how good is Ichiro Suzuki's arm?

The veteran oufielder can gun down baserunners with the best of them — or can he?

The Ichiro-Lynn: Simultaneously the MVP and RoY

In 2001, Ichiro Suzuki became the second player in baseball history to be his league's most valuable player and rookie of the year, joining Fred Lynn's 1975 season in the record books.

Ichiro is joining a new club

Ichiro was already the oldest player in baseball once, and with enough playing time, he'll repeat in 2016, and join an elite group of players. How does he hold up to his peers in this group?

Ranking the Japanese-born position players

From Jim Bowie to Ichiro Suzuki, we take a look at every Japanese-born position player in MLB history and rank their careers from 18 to 1.

Evolution of the single-season hit record

A storied past beginning in 1871 and running through Ichiro.

The once-in-a-lifetime talent of Ichiro

What is it that makes Ichiro Ichiro, exactly? And is it possible for there to be another player like him?

A surprising modern-day Ichiro Suzuki

During the 2015 season, there were a variety of Ichiro-like abilities on display, from a surprising source.