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History & Hall of Fame

One True Outcome: March 2

Weekly segment of baseball trivia

The tale of an underrated hitter

Brian Giles was a really good hitter

One True Outcome: February 22

Weekly segment of baseball trivia

Ken Boyer deserves better from the Golden Days Era Committee

Ken Boyer was a great third-baseman

Billy Wagner is an all-time great, simple as that

Any argument against Billy Wagner in Cooperstown should be dismissed

One True Outcome: January 24

Weekly Trivia segment about pitching awards

The “I can’t believe he has a real Hall of Fame case” tier of players: Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu and his fascinating career

The “I can’t believe he has a real Hall of Fame case” tier of players

First up: Russell Martin

One True Outcome: January 9th

Let’s learn something about greats of years past

Many years too late, Minnie Miñoso finally elected to BBWAA Hall of Fame

After failing to ever clear 22% on the writer’s ballot, one of the most beloved players in baseball history finally receives rightful spot in Cooperstown

Who will be the first to wear a Rays, Marlins, or Nationals cap to Cooperstown?

Larry Walker will be the first to wear a Rockies cap on his Hall of Fame plaque.

Modern Baseball Era Committee elects Ted Simmons and Marvin Miller to the Hall of Fame, snub Lou Whitaker

Simmons and Miller are worthy inductions, but the continued omission of Lou Whitaker is an embarrassment.

Here’s some thoughts on how to fix the Veterans’ Committee process

It is probably best to abolish it, but short of that, it needs a major overhaul.

Todd Helton deserves more Hall of Fame consideration

In his career, he was overshadowed. Now, he’s being overlooked.

The Hall of Fame is incomplete without Larry Walker

This is the last chance for Hall voters to elect him.

The Modern Era Committee can reverse some Hall of Fame injustices

Lou Whitaker, Thurman Munson, Ted Simmons, and Marvin Miller highlight the loaded list of candidates.

Reviewing my Hall of Fame projections

Now that the results have been announced for the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2019, I can review my projections from late-December.

Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, and Mariano Rivera are inducted into the Hall of Fame

Two great starters of different eras, a designated hitter, and the greatest closer ever are inducted.

Russell Martin deserves Hall of Fame discussion

As he moves from the Jays to his original club at the twilight of his career, it’s worth reflecting on one of the better catchers of the modern era.

Do we need to reevaluate the JAWS standard for starting pitchers?

Pitchers throw significantly fewer innings than they used to, which might effect the JAWS standard.

Projecting the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame vote

Thanks to Ryan Thibodaux’s tracker, we can use statistical probability methods to project the final vote totals for our favorite players.

Harold Baines and Lee Smith in the Hall of Fame could be good news

A few favorites of the stathead community have a stronger case for the Hall.

DRC+ and the Hall of Fame

What BP’s new hitting metric reveals about borderline candidates

Roy Halladay was a clear Hall of Famer

But will he make Cooperstown on his first ballot?

The Hall of Fame releases Today’s Game Era ballot

Maybe they should have just skipped this year?

Russell Martin is the best catcher to ever play shortstop

A catcher, one who never wanted to be one, lands at his desired position.

The best pitching performances In baseball history

Looking back on the best pitching performances in history as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout game.

The Five Best Single Game Pitching Performances in World Series History

With a couple of future hall of fame pitchers in this series, can they top these five past World Series performances?

BtBS readers “elect” three players to the Hall of Fame

The results of our reader poll — and our expanded writers’ ballot — are in!

BtBS writers “elect” eight players to the Hall of Fame

Our writers filled out (imaginary) ballots for this year’s Hall of Fame class. The results are in!

How have some of the top starting pitchers of all-time fared in the postseason?

Obviously, pretty well.

Mike Trout's historic shunning by the BBWAA

The meaning of "MVP" is up in the air, but whatever you think the award is about, have pity on Mike Trout, who has been and will likely continue to be uniquely ignored by the voters.