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Economics of Baseball

Revocable Waivers: The Hitchhiker's Guide

Revocable waivers are often an afterthought among many individuals who enjoy baseball. However, they can serve as a useful tool for gauging value and dumping contracts.

A losing strategy

Should teams with sub-.500 records and glib playoffs hopes at best vie for one of the worst nine records in the league? Doing so might allow them to attain a protected draft pick ... but is it worth it?

The Next MLB City: The Top 10

After a comprehensive look at metro areas that could host MLB franchises, it's time to look at the top ten candidates to host a MLB franchise.

Search for the Next MLB City: The Dependents

This next group of cities sure looks good on paper, but each has one flaw that holds it back from being a serious candidate as the next host of a MLB franchise.

MLB Draft: The value of comp balance selections

Major League Baseball has instituted new competitive balance draft picks. How much are these picks worth?

Finding the Next MLB City: The "Underdogs"

There are many metro areas competing to be the next host of a MLB franchise, but five are faced with a tall task: they are smaller than every current MLB market. This post looks at whether those cities have what it takes to overcome these odds.

Movin' On Up: Finding the Next MLB City

Many people talk of relocation, but is it really a viable option for a struggling franchise given the current environment? This series of posts will try to find the answer.

Projecting Robinson Cano's Future

Robinson Cano has switched agencies, but will it have a positive impact on the contract he'll receive? I'll take a look at what is in store for the All-Star 2nd baseman.

Best Valued Contracts of 2012

Using a tweaked wSalary model, so that it is descriptive, we single out the best- and worst- valued contracts of the 2012 season.

Could F/X Data Create A New Inefficiency?

Looking at how F/X data could give teams an advantage in the draft and international arenas.

Not even hindsight can improve the Astros!

Using everything we now know, what could have been done to improve the 2012 Houston Astros into a contender? Anything? Let's look.

What do the Rangers do with their middle infield?

With top prospect Jurickson Profar knocking on the door, the Rangers have some tough choices to make regarding him and current infielders Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus.

Did the Blue Jays Get Fair Value for John Farrell?

Taking a look back at manager trades throughout history, it appears teams can't expect to get much in return. Was Mike Aviles fair value?

Were the 2012 A's more than lucky?

The story of the 2012 Oakland Athletics is an odyssey that started with selling high, adding depth, and became a real success when gambles paid off ... and luck kicked in.

MLB's Least Valuable Players: 2012

Ryan Howard and Johan Santana head 2012's list of least economically valuable players.

MLB's Most Valuable Players: 2012

In an incredible season of baseball, which players brought the most value ($) to their teams?

The free agent failures of the Tampa Bay Rays

As the 2012 season stretches closer to its finish, I've found myself wondering why Tampa Bay Rays with one of the best front offices in baseball has so much trouble with free agency.

Baseball's Most Valuable Players: Updated

Beyond the Box Score looks to discover which players have been the most valuable so far in the 2012 season... economically. None other than the now-great Mike Trout, leads the hitting leaderboard.

Baseball's Most Valuable Players through April and May

Through two months of the season who have been baseball's most valuable players?

Is Chipper Jones the last true franchise player?

Mike Trout: 20-year Contract Extension??

How much would it take for the Los Angels Angels to make Mike Trout the face of their franchise for the next two years? Beyond the Boxscore has the answer.

Introducing the "How to Land a Job in Baseball" Series

Revisiting the Value of Last Year's Free Agent Signings

Bill Petti | Free agent investments are tricky, and there are a slew of reasons why they do and don't work out. I take a look back at last year's free agent signings and how those investments panned out during the 2011 season.

Marlins Should Go Long with Mike Stanton

Marlins would be wise to maximize the value of their best asset, Mike Stanton, by signing him promptly to a contract similar to that of Justin Upon, Ryan Braun, or Troy Tulowitzki.

Which Non-MLB City is Baseball's Heart and Soul?

What MLB Team's Off-season Investments Look Good?

Bill Petti | Teams invested lots of money on positional free agents last year. Which teams' portfolios are looking like winners?

2011 Free Agents that have Already Earned their Money

Bill Petti | After only 60% of the season, a number of 2011 free agents have already earned their paycheck.

The Great Rockie Robbery: Trading Ubaldo Jimenez

Any team would need to pay a hefty price to acquire Colorado Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez given his team friendly contract... And the Yankees are no different.

Is A Savvy General Manger Enough?

Hiring an Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations like Andrew Friedman of the Tampa Bay Rays may not be enough to sustain success as more teams follow the trend of hiring elite analytical minds as their General Manager.

Appreciating the Freedoms of July 2nd

In the current International Free Agent system, teams are able to compete for elite talent regardless of their payroll. There is no reason why they would the same would not be true if the draft was abolished.

Economics of Baseball: Billy Beane's two step

A look at how Billy Beane turned Danny Farquhar into Scott Sizemore by exploiting other teams' frustrations.

Economics of Baseball: The Orioles' shopping spree revisited

A re-visitation of the Orioles 2011 pre-season shopping spree, in which they spent $36 million to acquire 9 players.