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Intentionally off-topic. Mostly.

The Shift Episode 20, with Chris Cwik!

The Shift is back! Host Bryan Grosnick is joined by Chris Cwik of and FanGraphs to talk about the White Sox, the Nationals, and the Baseball Prospectus 2015 Annual!

The Shift is Back (with guest Rob Neyer!)

The Shift is back! Host Bryan Grosnick is joined by Rob Neyer of to talk JABO, broadcasting, and what to look for in the 2015 season.

Breaking down the 2015 Portland Beavers

Coming out of the Beyond the Box Score expansion draft ... what do the Portland Beavers look like? How will this team stack up for 2015 and beyond?

Introducing: the expansion Charlotte Divide

Beyond the Box Score ran an expansion draft simulation. This post is the story of one of those new teams: the Charlotte Divide.

The Shift Episode 18: Expansion?

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan and Stu discuss the possibilities in MLB expansion, and the expansion draft run at Beyond the Box Score over the past few months

The 2014 BtBS Expansion Draft

Come with us on a hypothetical journey, as the staff of Beyond the Box Score performs a mock expansion draft and expands the MLB team base to 32 teams.

The Shift Episode 17: Chris Cwik on TJS / WAR

The hottest of the hot takes ... Bryan and Stu are joined by Chris Cwik, and the gents talk Tommy John surgeries and wins above replacement.

The Shift Episode 16: Baseball Writing Breakdown

Bryan and Stu drop as many names as possible in fifty minutes. It may be a Guinness record.

The Shift Episode 14: Saberseminar!

It's a Saberseminar wrapup from Stuart Wallace!

The Shift Episode 13: Baseball Potpourri

Bryan and Stu talk about whatever baseball hot topics they feel like. And it turns out okay!

The Shift Episode 12: Trade deadline madness!

Bryan and Stu are joined by Anthony Joshi-Pawlowic, Stephen Loftus, and Ryan Romano to talk about all the moves and deals at the deadline!

The Shift Episode 11: Special guest Mike Ferrin!

Bryan and Stu get to talk baseball, broadcasting, and prospects with SiriusXM's Mike Ferrin!

The Shift Episode 10: What if?

Alex Skillin joins Bryan and Stu to talk about some of the best "what if" scenarios of the last twenty years.

The Shift Episode 9: Projections and prospects

Everyone loves prospects. It's just science. Chris St. John developed a system to project them. The system is named after a prospect. Because everyone loves prospects.

The Shift Episode 8: Handicapping the 2nd half

It's been four days since regular-season baseball. Desperate, The Shift projects the second half of the baseball season. There were no survivors.

The Shift Episode 7: Mid-season awards

All-Star Break got you down? Have some mid-season awards discussion to brighten your day!

The Shift Episode 6: Baseball Savant / Rebuilding

The Shift brings on its first special guests: Daren Willman of Baseball Savant joins us, and Scott Lindholm guest co-hosts. Check it out!

ASG 2014: The BtBS All-Star Reserves (AL Edition)

It's time to announce the 2014 BtBS All-Star team! Let's go over who the crew selected as American League reserves.

The Shift Episode 5: Shark / You're The Worst

While the guys of The Shift wait for Chris Cotillo to break the next big trade, they're talking about the big deals that happened over the weekend.

ASG 2014: The BtBS All-Star Reserves (NL Edition)

It's time to announce the 2014 BtBS All-Star team! Let's go over who the crew selected as National League reserves.

Beyond the Box Score's Friday mailbag

Three writers from the Beyond the Box Score staff answer reader questions about their favorite offensive and defensive statistics, rotation optimization, and their least favorite transaction of the offseason among other topics.

Announcing Beyond the Box Score's next mailbag

Spring training is in full swing, and the Beyond the Box Score staff is gearing up for the season ahead. Have a question for us? Send it in, and we'll do our best to answer it in our mailbag next week.

The Beyond the Box Score mailbag

Three writers from the Beyond the Box Score staff answer reader questions about Will Middlebrooks' chances at a breakout in 2014, outfield shifts, and Rookie of the Year candidates among other topics.

Send in your questions for our next mailbag!

Have a question for the Beyond the Box Score staff? With spring training beginning in complexes throughout Florida and Arizona, we'd love to hear any questions you have about the upcoming season. Submit your questions now!

The Beyond the Box Score mailbag

Last Friday, we asked our readers to send us in any baseball-related questions they had, and many of you did. Three of our writers then took turns answering the best of the bunch. Here are our answers to your questions.

BtBS and the SABR Analytics Conference Awards

Here at the site, we'll be working to help identify the best baseball research and commentary as part of the SABR Analytics Conference in 2014.

Holiday gifts: Top 15 baseball books

Heading out to shop on Black Friday? Be sure to check our list of the best baseball books before you do.

This stream has:

2013 Beyond the Box Score awards

The 2013 Beyond the Box Score awards are being announced this week. Stop by and see if the experts got it right.

Saber-friendly baseball crossword puzzle

Already not knowing what to do with yourself now that the offseason is upon us? Relax and test your sabermetrics and baseball IQ with this fun crossword puzzle.

Site Update: Analytics Toolbox

We've slightly updated and revised our Analytics Toolbox for 2013. Stop by, provide feedback, and maybe use a new resource?

BtBS Podcast #73: In Our Defense

The guys discuss the Garza deal, top defenses and more.

BtBS Podcast #72: Dead on Arrival

The guys discuss Garza scenarios before the trade went down, but there's a lot of other good stuff, too.


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