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The Very Best of Beyond the Box Score

Dirk Hayhurst: Sabermetric Broadcaster?

We interviewed author, analyst and retired pitcher Dirk Hayhurst -- discussing sabermetrics in broadcasting among other topics which may or may not include Dungeons & Dragons and pro wrestling.

Is Encarnacion's power for real? Maybe!

Edwin Encarnacion smashed a career high 42 home runs in 2012. Will this lethal power continue next season? Let's take a look at five aspects of his power game in an effort to bring light to this question.

Simulated Trade Talks: Profar-d'Arnaud rumors

Spencer and Blake face off in an Ultimate Showdown of hypothetical trade negotiation!

MLB Top 10 Most Strikeouts With The Least Power

Swinging big and trading off strikeouts for power dates back as far as Babe Ruth, but not everyone who whiffs a lot generates enough power to offset the strikeouts. Let's look at the worst performers from 2012 in striking out without the power.

Who wins the extra-long at-bat?

Examining whether batters are more likely to succeed once they've seen 8, 10, 12, or even 18 pitches in an at-bat.

Further differences between WAR variants

What happens when we take WAR variants and break 'em down per game over the past few years? FUN, that's what.

On Processes and Results

In analyses, we tend to focus on the process. But how much do we really know about the process anyway? Should we be paying more attention to results?

Is Roy Halladay starting to decline?

Roy Halladay has been one of the best pitchers of our generation, year after year finishing at or near the top of every measure we consider valuable. But In 2012 he was not himself ... is it possible that he's beginning to decline?

The Filthiest Pitches in Baseball

An analysis of which pitchers have the best fastball, change, curve and more -- and what the most valuable pitch in all of baseball was in 2012.

Were the 2012 A's more than lucky?

The story of the 2012 Oakland Athletics is an odyssey that started with selling high, adding depth, and became a real success when gambles paid off ... and luck kicked in.

Can Ricky Romero be fixed?

2012 was a year to forget for Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero. Is it possible for him to fix his mistakes, or could he be destined for the bullpen?

Does Blowing a Late Lead Affect Performance?

Does the sense of hopelessness that comes from blowing a late-lead have an effect on subsequent game outcomes?

Optimizing Your Lineup By The Book

Finding the ideal batting order is overrated, but if you're going to do it, do it right. BtB shows how, from the leadoff hitter down through the number nine hitter (who shouldn't be the pitcher).

The play at the plate is dead.

A look at the sad, but necessary decline of the "Play at the Plate."

Did HoF founders want voters to watch?

In discussions about Hall of Fame candidates like Jack Morris, writers often claim that watching them play is necessary for understanding how good they really were. But is that really what Cooperstown's founders had in mind?

Hype Fails to Live up to Stephen Strasburg

As always, we can satisfy our curiosity by digging deeper, using Pitch FX data to get a better idea of what Strasburg's performance "looked" like. Oh sure, I can tell you that it was a sight to behold, or I can show you exactly how #37 took 15 mph off his fastball to make hitters look silly.