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Baseball Synesthesia

Every team in a division: Who has done it?

Six players in MLB history have appeared in games for all five teams in a current division. Who are they?

Changing baseball's rules to attract younger fans

Rob Manfred said baseball will not rule out significant changes to the game in order to keep attracting younger fans. Some interesting suggestions courtesy of the BtBS staff.

How manager positioning can affect player numbers

Bryce Harper: center fielder. Manny Machado: shortstop. David Ortiz: first baseman. These alternate universes are closer than we think, and perhaps more kind to some of the game's players.

Congrats to former BtBSers on their new positions!

With the hirings of Dan Turkenkopf and Jonathan Luman, it appears that nearly half the franchises in baseball have employed former BtBS contributors. Let's explore a little.

Revisiting Carlos Martinez's starter conversion

Before the season, the odds were against Martinez increasing his strikeout rate while moving to the rotation. He did it anyway.

What makes Ned Garver so compelling?

Effectively Wild podcast hosts Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller recently spoke with 89-year-old former pitcher Ned Garver. It was an immediate hit among fans of the podcast. What made the conversation so compelling?

Wade Boggs' anomalous 1992 and baseball commentary

Wade Boggs had a bad season in 1992. What were some of the things said about him that season? What would an analysis of his season look like if all of today’s statistics were available at the time?

Hey, how about those position player pitchers?

Position player pitching is a magnificent gift we've been given. Admire them while you can. Enjoy them while they last.

The beauty of luck

Luck can never be removed from baseball, and we’d be poorer if luck were removed from our analytical vocabulary about the game.

The Mets, the money, and Violins

A very un-BtBS post on frustration with a team's choices.

How teams acquire impact positional talent

Can we examine the methods teams have used recently to get "impact" players?

Mark Trumbo brings more dingers to Seattle

The Mariners made a move to acquire more power -- but is the acquisition of Mark Trumbo really a smart move for a team that already features loads of corner outfielders?

Baseball, but Different

Thinking through a memorable question that gets at the essence of baseball.

The David Wright appreciation society

David Wright has been subjected to a new, disheartening medical diagnosis that could threaten his career. What reflections does Bryan have on the Mets' franchise player?

Ian Desmond, his defense, and the future

In 2015, Ian Desmond could find himself in a new situation. With all the difficulty he's having with his defense so far this year, where might he fit in the future?

Carlos Martinez's K% conversion

Carlos Martinez is becoming a starting pitcher after serving time in the 'pen. Will his K% go up as a result?

Ben Revere: Super slugger

Steamer projections say the Phillies center fielder will improve his career longball total by 150% this season. Here's the exact times, places and games in which he'll do it. You heard it here first, folks.

Can a team without well-rounded players win?

How hard would it be for a team with players that excel either only on the field or at the plate to win? Let's find out.


In a world where the only defense is the chest protector, how would you make the best possible baseball team out of only big-league catchers?

The longest-tenured player-team combos in the NL

Loyalty is dead. Save yourselves. These are the players who've spent the longest time with their current teams in the National League.

The longest-tenured player-team combos in the AL

Loyalty is dead. Save yourselves. These are the players who've spent the longest time with their current teams in the American League.

So many Dodgers moves!

KAPOW! That's the sound of Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zaidi, and the Los Angeles Dodgers blowing your mind. The Dodgers spent Wednesday night retooling their team.

Marlins deal Heaney for Dee Gordon, do not improve

The Dodgers pulled the trigger on a big trade, sending All-Star second baseman to Miami as part of a six-player deal.

Comparing pitchers using oaRA and oaFIP

Stephen Loftus has done smart work accounting for strength of opponents for starting pitchers. Let's talk about some of the most interesting comparisons and data points from his leaderboard.

Oliver projections worth revisiting: Part 1

Kevin Kiermaier isn't the only player who had an unexpected projection at the beginning of this season. Let's take a dive into some better-known players with surprising WAR projections from FanGraphs' modeling of the Oliver projection system.

Kevin Kiermaier and Oliver

Sometimes, things come as a complete surprise to all. Sometimes, they come as a complete surprise to all but a few. Kevin Kiermaier is one of those things.

Clayton Kershaw and the no-hitter+

Last night, Clayton Kershaw threw the greatest modern no-hitter. Let's celebrate that, and look at the other exceptional no-hitters thrown in baseball history.

Yoenis and Yasiel

Yoenis Cespedes has found himself back in the national conversation, despite having been overshadowed by Yasiel Puig over the past several months.