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Chaim Bloom’s Top 10 moves part 2 #5-1

After two years in Boston, Chaim Bloom has made some outstanding moves. Now is time to break down the top 5.

Chaim Bloom’s Top 10 Moves Part 1 #10-6

After two years in Boston, Chaim Bloom has made some outstanding moves. This two part series counts down his top 10, starting with 10 through 6

Many years too late, Minnie Miñoso finally elected to BBWAA Hall of Fame

After failing to ever clear 22% on the writer’s ballot, one of the most beloved players in baseball history finally receives rightful spot in Cooperstown

Fan-favorite Zack Greinke set for one more trip through free agency

Now in the twilight of a Hall of Fame career, Zack Greinke looks for a new team to call home as he turns 38.

Long time Cub Anthony Rizzo looking for next chapter in Free Agency

After 10 years in Chicago and a trade to the Bronx, Anthony Rizzo is a free agent for the first time in his career.

41-year-old Nelson Cruz continues to defy father time, looking for next contract

Nelson Cruz has managed to defy father time for this long, but how much will teams bet on him continuing that trend?

NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario hopes to parlay big October into big payday

After being nontendered, signed, and then traded, October hero Eddie Rosario hopes to get his big payday on the open market at age 30

A controversial seven years into his career, Kris Bryant is finally a free agent.

After a rebound in 2021, Kris Bryant is one of the most versatile players available this winter, which should provide him with plenty of suitors.

Max Scherzer now in prime position to earn one of highest salaries in MLB history

Following a spectacular 2021, particularly after his move to the west coast, Max Scherzer will likely earn a contract in the neighborhood of $35 AAV, among the highest in history.

Eduardo Rodríguez in prime position for free agency following career year

After setting career highs in nearly all peripheral stats, Eduardo Rodríguez is set up for a payday, as long as teams are willing to look past his ERA.