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Tigers make first major offensive addition in shortstop Javier Báez

Báez’s plate discipline is a concern, but he offers several other things that make him a worthwhile investment for Detroit

Starling Marte is, by far, the best center fielder available in free agency

Speedy, athletic, and with some power, the center fielder is coming off the best season of his career and will seek a nice multi-year contract this winter

Jonathan Villar’s versatility can help a contender in need

The super-utility played on a cheap contract with the Mets in 2021, but proved his worth and may look for a multi-year deal

Trevor Story should offer good production without a $300-million contract

The former Colorado Rockies’ shortstop is a nice player with a fine track record. Will he pay the Coors’ penalty in his next contract?

Raisel Iglesias’ impressive strikeout ability will get him a nice payday

The best bullpen arm available in the 2021-22 free agent class, Iglesias is primed to get a considerable payday from a contender

Corey Seager’s hitting prowess will earn him top dollar in the open market

The former Los Angeles Dodgers’ shortstop comes with some defensive questions but mashes like few other shortstops and will be a very rich man as a result

Carlos Rodón enters the market as a fascinating per-inning asset

The southpaw had a career season in 2021, but there are questions about his health and ability to handle a big workload

The Seattle Mariners’ contention window is just starting to open

The 90-72 Mariners overachieved in 2021 if we consider their -51 run differential, but some of their young stars are starting to blossom and there is more help on the way

Improvements in several areas fueled Cedric Mullins’ breakout

The dynamic outfielder, who is now hitting exclusively from the left side of the plate; tweaked some things, worked hard, and made some huge gains to enter All-Star territory