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Each year we get older. Each year we look back and ponder. Each year we dream of what we really want to do in life. Each and every person that writes about baseball, has a dream. A dream to write. My dream began at 16 and I never left it. Though, I have hit many bumps in the road, I still lived my passion of baseball and the written word.

See, I grew up liking two things in life: baseball and writing. I pursued with a passion that I wanted to be the next Red Smith, Tom Verducci, Ira Berkow, Peter Gammons, etc. I think you get the picture. With the baseball postseason here, live your dream and don’t ever let anyone tell you in life not to do it. Pursue your dream with drive and heart and don’t look back. Keep going, hit the homerun and pitch the perfect game that you want. The one thing in life is to work at a job you hate and not do what you really love.

There are many people that I can thank, but the list is long. By no means was this ride for me a success. I hit many potholes in my writing life and saw my personal life go down the tubes. But, it was the written word that brought me back up. The written word made me see the sun again and not the clouds. The written word made me smile again and think about the game I love: baseball. I’ve had success being a baseball writer and the opportunity to write two books. Believe me, it was no easy task. But, I stayed the course and pursued what my grandmother knew I should do and that is to write about the greatest game to be played. It was for her, the clipping of baseball stories from newspapers, magazines and talking about the game, that pushed me in the right direction. It was the many people along the way that said: "don’t give up." It’s the very first bylined clip that I knew not to give up.

Too many times people give up. They give up the big hit and just go ahead to get ahead. Make a difference in your life and do something you enjoy. Do something that makes you proud. Do something to make a difference. Do something that makes you smile. Remember, you can do whatever you want in life.

This is my opening story. Not exactly about baseball, but then again it is. See, life is like a nine inning game and each time at the plate, you want to get the hit that counts. So I write this to start with a smile…to start fresh…to see life with a ray of sunshine. To wanting to do what I enjoy and wanting to see everyone do what they enjoy. Go out there and be happy! To my heroes: Red Smith, Tom Verducci, Ira Berkow, Peter Gammons & grandma. Thank you.

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