How to Maximise Your Sports Watch Party Fun


In our modern, hyper-connected world there are more ways than ever to watch, spectate and even participate in our beloved sports. In spite of this, when it comes to a big event, nothing beats experiencing the game live and in person with your closest buddies. It is for this reason, of course, that stadium attendance remains at an all time high even in the age of app streaming. Having friends over to watch the big fight or game needn’t be complicated, but if you want to push the boat out a little there are some simple things you can do. Below we explore some super effective ways to bring your sports watch party to the next level.

Spruce the Place Up

Decorating your party need not be a huge deal. Of course, if you’re willing to go to the effort of laying out flags, memorabilia and branded napkins then no one’s stopping you. But there are simpler ways to bring the big game into your room visually. For example, consider the team or player colours of your chosen side and use them as a guide for decorating the room. With a few choice blankets and cushions you can get the place looking like a championship box in no time. You may also want to consider making use of colour changing light bulbs, which are relatively affordable and enable you to choose from a huge range of specific colours. If you have guests representing both sides in the match-up you could, for example, light each side of the room in their respective colours.


Place a Friendly Wager

Throughout the centuries, the friendly wager has been a mainstay of sports spectatorship that arguably runs back to the very origins of gambling, and for good reason. Placing bets is a fun way to get skin in the game and put your allegiance firmly behind your chosen side. It can bring a great additional dynamic to a watch party, especially if you’ve got a spread of opinions as to who will be the likely victors represented among your squad of esteemed guests.

Fire Up the PlayStation

Getting friends round to play a few games of Madden, NBA2K or FIFA is an event in and of itself. How much better, then, must it be to include a round of gaming into your already epic sports party? There are a few ways you can cater a gaming session to your event. For example, you could have your guests square off as the digital equivalents of their chosen team in the upcoming live match and duke it out ahead of the main event. You can also run mini-fantasy leagues, such as allocating each of your guests one of the play-off teams in the year’s NFL league to keep them occupied, and hyped up, ahead of the Super Bowl kick-off.

Sort the Food & Drinks

Establish ahead of time how you’re going to manage the food and drinks situation. If it’s BYOB and the expectation is for a livelier event, then you may only need to stump for a few choice party snacks, from potato chips to popcorn. If it’s a bigger event, or one with a broader spread of guests, you may want to investigate if there are any dietary requirements you need to factor into your food spread. You can still keep things simple by opting for finger food such as sliders, mini-hot dogs and nachos. If the weather’s great out, consider the prospect of firing up the BBQ. If you’re not a wizard in the kitchen, one great work-around is to include a potluck as part of the event invites. This means each guest will bring along some food, which is an effective and low effort way to ensure that there will be a banquet laid out fit for the big event.

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