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Morning Mound Visit: Freddie Freeman signs six-year, $162 million deal with Dodgers

The Dodgers must be stopped

Atlanta Braves World Series Parade Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images

It’s that time of year. It’s the time when a team lets their beloved superstar fall in the Dodgers’ lap. Before 2020, the Red Sox gave LA Mookie Betts. In 2021, the Nationals threw in a free Trea Turner for taking Max Scherzer off their hands. Now, Atlanta allowed Freddie Freeman to walk straight into Chavez Ravine with an assist from the Rays, Padres, and Yankees. The five-time All-Star signed a six-year, $168 million with the Dodgers, and he’ll join what is easily the best starting nine in MLB.


According to Jon Heyman, Atlanta offered five years and $140 million to Freeman, but the first baseman wanted six years. Likely, Alex Anthopolous and co. were worried about paying a first baseman to play into his late thirties, something that has not ended well historically. Instead, they locked up the younger Matt Olson for eight years and $168 million. The Rays were rumored to have offered a six-year, $140 million deal, but the Dodgers were willing to pay Freeman what he’s worth.

This offseason, the Dodgers have mostly focused on getting the band back together. They re-signed Clayton Kershaw and Chris Taylor but were unable to retain Corey Seager who signed with the Rangers. Kenley Jansen remains a free agent as well. LA’s estimated payroll stands at $272 million according to RosterResource, which is well above the new competitive balance tax threshold of $230 million.

Tom Dakers | Bluebird Banter: The Blue Jays acquired third baseman Matt Chapman in a trade with the Oakland A’s. In return, the A’s will receive Gunnar Hoglund, Kevin Smith, Zach Logue, and Kirby Snead.

Skyler Timmins | Purple Row: The Rockies signed Kris Bryant to a seven-year, $182 million deal. The contract includes a full no-trade clause.