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Morning Mound Visit: US labor secretary offers assistance in CBA negotiations

The union rejected federal mediation, but the government wants to get involved anway.

MLB: JAN 28 MLB Lockout Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

RJ Anderson and Matt Snyder | CBS Sports: After the union rejected MLB’s request for a federal mediator, labor secretary Marty Walsh offered his assistance with the negotiations. The player’s denied intervention by a mediator because the league hasn’t meaningfully engaged with them at the table, so outside help isn’t necessary.

Dan Szymborski | FanGraphs: Expanded playoffs are likely coming, and by all estimations, they will make the postseason worse. Is there a way to get more teams in October without cheapening the experience?

Al Yellon | Bleed Cubbie Blue: Not satisfied with the mild success of Marquee, the Cubs are considering launching their own streaming service. The product would allow in-market streaming of Cubs games that aren’t subject to blackout restrictions. Early reports are that MLB is pushing back on the idea, in part because the $18 per month price tag is a bit too high.