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One True Outcome: February 2

This week’s trivia segment

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

There appears to be some movement towards a new agreement being done sooner rather than later, but for now, we wait cautiously with a glimmer of optimism.

After a couple of weeks focusing on specific awards and achievements, we’ll return to a more open segment without one single topic.

1. Regardless of how many times it has happened throughout the history of the sport and the crazy run we had last season, a no-hitter remains one of the most exciting things about baseball. You can tune in to any game with the possibility of it happening.

Often a player will come very close and narrowly miss out. A one-hit shutout goes on the record books as just another shutout, but it narrowly missed being a no-no.

Which active pitcher leads the majors in one-hit shutouts with four?

  • (A) Madison Bumgarner
  • (B) Justin Verlander
  • (C) Ervin Santana
  • (D) Adam Wainwright
  • (E) German Marquez

2. There are eleven starting pitchers in the history of the sport with five or more games in which they struck out at least 15 batters.

Only one of those eleven starters pitched a complete game in every single one of those games.

Who was he?

  • (A) Dazzy Vance
  • (B) Rube Waddell
  • (C) Sam McDowell
  • (D) Max Scherzer
  • (E) Roger Clemens

3. The four home run game is still one of the rarest achievements even in modern baseball. Only a few players have managed to do it and most baseball fans know the names.

While there hasn’t been a five-homer game yet, a few have managed an extra hit or two.

Who holds the record for most total bases in a single game with 19?

  • (A) Scooter Gennett
  • (B) Josh Hamilton
  • (C) Shawn Green
  • (D) Mike Schmidt
  • (E) Gil Hodges

4. The rise in strikeouts can be shown through a variety of ways, one being that in 2019, two teams broke the record for most games with a player striking out at least four times.

Which were those two teams?

  • (A) Yankees and Tigers
  • (B) Royals and Rangers
  • (C) Yankees and Rangers
  • (D) Royals and Tigers
  • (E) Yankees and Royals

5. There is one postseason with two different individual 7 RBI games.

In which year was it?

  • (A) 1995
  • (B) 1999
  • (C) 1998
  • (D) 2000
  • (E) 2015


1. (A) Madison Bumgarner leads all active players with 4 one-hitters.

2. (B) Rube Waddell had seven different 15 strikeout games and in each one he went the distance with a complete game.

3. (C) Shawn Green had 19 total bases adding a single and a double in his four home run game against the Brewers in May of ‘02.

4. (A) Yankees and Tigers each had 16 games with a player striking out four times or more.

5. (B) The two players were Troy O’Leary and John Valentin, both did it with the Red Sox against Cleveland in back-to-back days