The universal DH is a win-win for teams and players


While it’s true that such a rule would rob us of the possibility of some incredibly unexpected home runs and big hits by pitchers (Bartolo Colon somehow comes to mind), having the designated hitter in both leagues would actually be good for baseball. It would be good for the game because it can benefit both teams and players. As we have found out during the CBA negotiations, such a development is extremely rare. But fortunately, that’s the case: everyone involved can benefit from the universal DH. Benefits for teams It guarantees a better offensive output: Pitchers slashed .110/.150/.142 in 4,829 plate appearances during the 2021 season, with only 17 home runs. Is that really something most fans would like to see? Yes, some of the ‘strategy’ would be gone with the move, but teams wouldn’t have to worry about a pitcher disrupting the chances of an offensive rally with their offensive ineptitude (or unwillingness, depending on the case)

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