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Morning Mound Visit: Eduardo Pérez, David Cone, and Karl Ravech join Sunday Night Baseball crew

Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez will host a ‘Manningcast’ for those who hate life and themselves.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Photo Day Photo by Andy Lyons /Getty Images

Andrew Marchand | NY Post: ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast crew is getting a shakeup. Eduardo Pérez, David Cone, and Karl Ravech are stepping into the booth in 2022. It wouldn’t have taken much to improve on the incumbent group, but that’s a solid group. ESPN will also experiment with a ‘Manningcast’ style alternative broadcast hosted by Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez. It’s not immediately clear who that alternative broadcast is for.

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley | FanGraphs: BtBS alum Patrick Brennan appeared on Effectively Wild to talk about quantifying player development and development at the college level. Patrick also wrote about the topic on his personal blog.

Brian Menéndez | Baseball Prospectus $: Since donning a Phillies uniform, Zack Wheeler has become one of the best pitchers in the majors. He’s also become more like one of his old teammates who has a strong argument for being the best pitcher in baseball. Wheeler has become a lot like Jacob deGrom.